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Who thinks QT should do a Re-make of dirty mary crazy larry?

Personally with this mans skill he definitely do this movie, like for one he has sure incorporated it into a few of his films(dodge chargers in a few of his flicks,1 being a 69 with the correct license plate numbers as the dmcl car, he has bridgette fonda watchin her dad in dmcl rippin around in the yella 69 charger), so he must be a fan of peter fonda or just this film, but i for one say he should remake dirty mary crazy larry as it would be AWESOME!!!, now all we need is 2 bring this 2 attention and hopefully by 2010 i can be seeing this in theatres ;D, so whos with me on how cool it would be if QT would remake this awesome flick?

u see reference?



He doesnt need to remake that because its already an awesome film. Plus, Death Proof is his homage to all those 70s road racing films (Vanishing Point, DMCL, Gone in 60 Seconds) anyways.

Scarface already pointed out the license plate reference about 2 weeks ago. :slight_smile:

Haha the guy wants to take credit for something I found out. >:( He probably pasted those pictures directly from the Death Proof references topic too. ;D

Yeah like its his own personal revelation. Funny stuff. lol.

oh no i dont want 2 take credit at all, you found it out , i just posted it for revelance to the 70’s flick, so im not stealing ur limelight ,


Thanks for clearing that up for us dude. r

I think QT is the only one who would do a remake of DMCL right. He would have to make the script the exact same with no changes except maybe the new Dodge Charger RT with the same old colors of the orginal car, and maybe a blue 1996 Implala for the first car. Some new actors of course. Otherwise, if QT changed the dialog and script, I doubt it’d do the movie homage. I’m all for seeing new REAL car chase stunts and a remake of this movie. Have to be filmed in the same locations mostly though. I hope QT does it, and does it right. No lame Gone In 60 Seconds rip-off remake. DMCL would have to be done right and kept mostly to the orginal. Any less in car chase scences would make for a horrible remake. I could see Peter Fonda doing Franklin’s role.

I don’t think QT should ever do a remake. He could take from DMCL though, and add it into something more QT… Like he did in Death Proof already.

No more remakes! lol.