"Who the hell is Smitty Bacall?"

How’d Michael Bacall get that nickname? I’ve seen him use it for his Twitter and Instagram handle so that’s how I knew him to be Smitty. Then when Doc Schultz takes on Smitty’s handbill, nice little inside joke there.

I kinda dig that several of the Basterds are writers, B.J., Eli, Samm, Bacall… I guess that’s where I first heard of him. Then was a huge fan of Scott Pilgrim, which he co-wrote and Project X. So it was amusing seeing his handle on that hand bill. So was he also playing the guy Django shoots? He’s seen in an extreme long shot, it could’ve been anyone but it’d be cool if it was him. Need to check out the credits again.

Also, when Quentino’s character in the film utters the line, “Who the hell is Smitty Bacall,” that was amusing.

that went right over my head. are you saying a line in the movie is a reference to a tweet?