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"Who do you think you're fooling"

Some people are turned off by Tarantino, saying that he’s doing nothing more than taking from other films and areas of pop culture. There was even a even a short film made by filmmaker Mike White tiled “Who Do You Think You’re Fooling” where he charges Tarantino with directly copying a 1987 Hong Kong film titled “City On Fire” when he made “Reservoir Dogs.” White then made a second short film titled “You’re Still Not Fooling Anyone,” where he charges Tarantino with taking from various films to make “Pulp Fiction.”

Taken directly from the site. I can’t beleive the hatred…

I have to look for that film just to see what all the negative buzz is all about.

Wow what a douchebag that guy is. I cant believe he has time to make an doc about QT stealing movies…he must have alot of time on his hands. I think this guy is a member of QTA. Anyway this kind of stuff I tend to try to stay away from it cause it just pisses me off.

Have you seen the videos? City Under Fire is like the Chinese version of Reservoir Dogs! Or is it the other way around…(chord)

Well RD was definitely inspired by COF

Wow what a douchebag that guy is. I cant believe he has time to make an doc about QT stealing movies…he must have alot of time on his hands. I think this guy is a member of QTA.[/quote]

I don’t think so, I don’t think any member here has shown their movie in a fucking film festival…

Well RD was definitely inspired by COF

But if you see the video the similarities are eerie! But I still don’t mind, Reservoir Dogs is a great movie.

This is fucking old. Besides, after those “allegations” came out, QT was nominated for a writing Oscar. Go figure.

yeah this is from like… 1993 or something. yawn…

Old news. Anyway, only a retard would claim Dogs ripped off City On Fire. There are plenty of similarities, but City On Fire is a completely different film. The dynamic aspects of Dogs were the dialogue and the narrative structure. Both of those were not in COF.

Bio: This stuff is ANCIENT and its been posted about 10 times over the years. Also we’ve already discussed the stealing thing in several posts. Its not news at all.

That guy is an ignorant idiot anyways if he thinks QT is the only director who steals from other films

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I remember this anti Tarantino site from a few years ago. I’ve never seen COF. I had to search for the similarities in that video. My position is this, if you’ve seen one gangster/ robbery movie you’ve seen em’ all. There are very few exceptions. Tarantino may have watched that film and then forgot about it when he made Dogs. Although, I doubt it because COF shows a botched robbery taking place. Dogs shows what happens after a botched robbery. In QT’s version we only know what happens through dialogue. The effect is astonishing. If he did steal from this movie then I see no reason why he would not have admitted it. He admits to “stealing” from lots of other films! Most directors steal from other people. It’s not a unique phenomenon.

QT’s greatest talent is his ability to give new life to overused stories and genres. He has a talent for looking and presenting something we’ve seen a million times before in a new way.

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everybody >:(

I like how Reservoir Dogs has like three narratives rolled intoone:

  1. Assembling the team (cut scenes - white, blonde)
  2. Execution of the heist
  3. The outcome (warehouse)

    Wonka he think of next!

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