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Who do you think should be in Inglorious Bastards?

Ok… we know (not confirmed) but we are pretty sure that in Inglorious Bastards that Quentin will cast Michael Madsen, Bo Svenson, and Adam Sandler.  Who do you think should be in it? But before I get to my list

?Warren Beatty? - from an interview:

Q: We are told that Warren Beatty was on the brink of starring in Kill Bill before you changed your mind. You had picked Beatty to play villain Bill, but plumped for David Carradine instead after reading the veteran’s autobiography. Comment.

A: Warren was a good choice and would have been wonderful in the movie. But at the same point as I was writing, I read David’s autobiography, Endless Highway , and it made me think that he could really play Bill. But I have made a promise to myself that Warren will star in my next film.

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?Thomas Kretschmann? - off of imdb, it was claimed that his management said he would be in it.

anywho, here’s the list:

Ruger Hauer- His name was brought up in Jackie Brown.  I bet Quentin likes his work.  It could be Ruger’s best work since Blade Runner.

Tim Roth- Quentin should bring him back

Christopher Walken- would be a cool cameo

Bruce Willis- already been in a few war movies

Larry Bishop- would look badass ass as one of the glorious bastards

Christopher Lee- Quentin has said that he would like Christopher Lee in one of his movies (if he did a horror movie, thats hands down)

Sherman Hemsley- listen to the conan video.  quentin said he would use him in a heartbeat.  sherman is cool anyway.  cool cameo.

Malcolm McDowell- i’m sorry, but he’s so cool.  love  clockwork orange.

R. Lee Ermey- awesome drill sargent “THIS IS MY RIFLE THIS IS MY GUN!” he is a must

Kurt Russel- revive his career

Clint Eastwood- is the man

Steve Buscemi- soldier with a little comic humor

Wath about Quentin himself? I really would like to see him on the big screen again. He would be just great playing a real caracter.

By the way, I can´t see how Adam Sandler will work in a QT picture, but if Quentin cast him, some way it just gonna works, I guess.

Yeah, Quentin could do a cameo of some dead soldier on the battlefield… his acting isn’t the greatest but i like to see him do cameos/small roles in his films.

here’s our Inglorious Bastards topic:

click on general tarantino section

as long as we dont have more official info or as long as this is not in production, i think one topic is enough. there’s nothing much to talk about it. it will get a special board section once its in production

This is the cast I hope would be picked, based off of both QTs comment and my personal preferences

Micheal Madsen

Tim Roth

Steve Buscmi

Bruce Willis

Adam Sandler

Eddie Murphy

Mickey Rourke

Sylvester Stallone (?)

Nicky Katt

Micheal Keaton (?)

Kurt Russell

Sid Vaig

Micheal Rappaport

Bill Mosely (?)

Johnny Depp

Arnold Swartznegger (?)

Kieffer Southerland (?)

that’s all I can think off for now. Depp, Swartz and Southerland could be German (Swartz might be a stretch). Sid Vaig (think that’s his name, captain spalding) has been in QT’s last 2 movies, Bill Mosely is awsome in the zombie movies, I think he’d kick ass in a Qt movie. kieffer kicks ass in 24 and his dad kicked ass in kelly’s heroes. Depp, katt, Rappaport and roarke are all awsome actors in thier own rights. And I love keaton, he’s just not in enough quality stuff. the rest have either been rumoured or it makes complete sense due to QT’s history with them in other movies. last but not least Murphy’s character has to be vulgar as fuck, so he can repent for all the family friendly schlock he’s done, at very least since Metro.

Oh and Arnold plays the big hulking German Soldier who has to fuck someone up in a closed room.and has at most two total lines of dialog.

Who would you pick?

Sid Haig (captain spaulding)

Michael Rapaport

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Kiefer Sutherland

at least that’s how you spell them.

on the other hand, i guess we already have a topic like this i guess…

It´s Kiefer Sutherland and Michael Rapaport.

damn me, i just copied the mistakes :slight_smile:

[quote=“Seb (admin)”]

on the other hand, i guess we already have a topic like this i guess…

There´s a topic for suggestions for actors for the next QT movie:

Quentin Tarantino - a soldier which is scared shitless, everybody tells him to be easy, he gets out of a tank and immediately gets his head ripped off.

Quentin Tarantino - a soldier which is scared shitless, everybody tells him to be easy, he gets out of a tank and immediately gets his head ripped off.
hey, it’s good idea ! he likes things like that

my list:

Christopher Walken

Mickey Rourke

Johnny Depp

Rutger Hauer

Harvey Keitel (he was born to act in Tarantino’s films)

John Travolta (another come back could be good)

Edward Norton - The best

Sonny Chiba - If they get to Japan

Jean Reno - French Resistance

Fred Williamson - If he’s still alive

Michael Biehl - The guy I always mistake for Mickey Rourke

Sonny Chiba - If they get to Japan

God forbid, I want a war film that takes place in Europe, Sonny Chiba had his chance in Kill Bill.

steve buscemi

mickey rourke

ed norton

Benicio Del Toro

Bruce Willis

elijah wood

Liam Neelson

paul giammati

russel crowe

samuel jackson

God forbid, I want a war film that takes place in Europe[/quote]


I’d really like to see these actors in the next Quentin movie, Inglorious Bastards! Now you can disagree agree or whatever, but just my own list.

-Christian Bale (The real batman!)

-Samuel L. Jackson

-George Clooney

-Patrick Dempsey

-Tim Roth

-Michael Madsen

Fred Williamson

Sean Penn

George Clooney

Bruce Willis

John Travolta

Benicio Del Toro

Burt Reynolds (Yeap! I said it!)

Rutger Hauer

Miguel Ferrer

Fred Williamson

Donald Sutherland

Willem Defoe

Gary Busey

Benicio Del Toro

Michael Madsen

Those are all nice names, but would it really make sense to include all those old guys (for a war movie)? Persons like Michael Madsen,Tim Roth etc. are ok, but Sutherland,Keitel or Burt Reynolds??? You cannot be serious!

I agree with Reynolds, he still has charisma and I’m a fan of him.

Burt Reynolds (high ranked US army dude, maybe General)

Ralf Moeller (cameo as a crazy gunslinger Nazi who jumps into action and dies after taking out dozens)

Juergen Prochnow

Udo Kier

Thomas Kretschmann (the good Nazi)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (but only as a Nazi!)

Michael Parks

Robert Forster

Michael Madsen

Rutger Hauer

Michael Ironside

Peter Weller (as a Nazi)

Jon Gries (played Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite)

Gary Busey (as a Nazi)

Eric Roberts

Warren Beatty

Jon Voight

Bruce Campbell

Robert Vaughn

Roy Scheider

Too many old people I know…

I don’t want to see Bruce Willis, Sly or Sandler in this movie. I bet all three won’t be it, just rumor.