Who are all of the women at the end credits of Death Proof?


I’m serious…

If you look you’l see I only joined this forum to post that message…

I’ve just seen the film… saw my mum and so googled deathproof end credits.

Why would any sane individual make up something like that?

I’m now quite shocked that at 34 years of age I’m in danger of getting into some kind of forum slagging match over who my own mother is :slight_smile:


haha lol many people just make up crap like that in order to feel special, espcially little pathetic american brats. i’m just saying what youre sayin is crazy but at the same time extremely cool. so… prove it.


I shall do my best (although I probably should be spending my time better)


My mum is the one at 1:02

There’s about 35 years betwen the two shots… that’s the best I can do at the moment… convinced, because beyond that I’m at a lost of exactly how to prove it… unless you fancy a cup of tea round my mum’s. :slight_smile:


hm not bad… now i only need a pic when she was a bit younger and ill be totally convinced xD


Short of buying a scanner especially to prove it there’s not much more I can do…

You could however get hold of a copy of the original Superman film… look for the scene in Lex Luthers underground lair…

Otto (his ‘henchman’) trips over a cable which interrupts a film running in the background… there’s a countdown with images inbetween… each image is only on screen for about 4 frames… the same image appears…


Now who in their right mind would know this without good reason?

I vaguely remember going to see Superman as a child and my mum shouting “That was me!” much to the confusion of everyone else.

I’ve spent most of the day looking into it…

A couple of years ago there was an art display about what they call ‘china girls’:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette/2005 … girls.html”>http://www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette/2005/07.21/00-girls.html</LINK_TEXT>

One of the artists is writing a book on it and I’ve emailed her as they never found out the names of any of the girls… maybe at the age of 61 my mum will get her 15 minutes of ‘fame’…

Still not convinced?


One of the is Vanessa Ferlito(she is hot).


The images in the end credits are known as Shirley cards.

When professionally processing film and prints, the company that produces the equipment and chemistry provides perfectly exposed, but unprocessed film and print tests, along with a copy that has been properly processed. You process one of the pre-exposed tests, then compare it to the control print to make sure everything looks as it should.

This is still done today, even with digital, to ensure an accurate color reference (one of the clips is actually a color reference shot from one of the scenes in Deathproof).