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Which QT movie must be in anime

I thought by myself, what if pulp fiction or jackie brown were in anime style. What kind of effects would be added to the movie. Tell me which Tarantino movie must be in anime. It may also a movie that he wrote, like True Romance.

I think that would kinda dumb. I’m not really crazy about anime, and I know it would ruin a live-action heavy-dialogue flick like Pulp or Jackie. No way. I liked the anime in Kill Bill, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t wish for anymore, or even imagine it.

I’ll give ya a little breathing room…I’d really like to see the second half of From Dusk Till Dawn in anime…there…

I was thinking of that too.

yeah theres no way pulp fiction could of been anime, there’s just to much standing/sitting around just talking, and plus the actors are great for pulp fiction, same thing with jackie brown

from dusk til dawn i could see happening though

Natural Born Killers - the “pure” QT script, not the movie.

The characters were so comical, and the violence so surreal in that script that, with some editing, it could have made a great anime.

yeah NBK would be okay as animated feature I think, or FDTD

I’d like to see the begining of FDTD in anime

The ear cutting in Reservoir Dogs

The bible speech in Pulp Fiction

All of Kill Bill

The Jail escape in NBK

When Clarence goes to kill the pimp in True Romance