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Which Posters/Postcards Do You Have?

I could have sworn we had a topic like this, but I can’t seem to find it. The search function on this forum is a bit “iffy”, hahah.

Anyway, here are some posters, postcards and DVD inserts I’ve stuck on me wall:

That chair is where I’m sitting right now and talking to you lovelies ;D

The one on the left and the one on the right I picked up from the 2007 Roger Waters Concert:

I had to get this because of Eva. I heart her so:

This is a sticker I got when I went to watch it in Prague:

[quote]This is a sticker I got when I went to watch it in Prague:[/quote]

You were in Prague? I was there last August. Great fucking place. 8)

I only have a Vol 2 poster in my room, similar to this one:

And I have a Pulp Fiction, Sin City and Scarface poster in my garage

I was there in June! My friend from uni lives there, and so me, my other friend from uni and her sister went to Prague to visit him. I loved it there, it was a lot of fun.

Initially I was all annoyed because us UK lot had to wait till late September to watch Death Proof, so you can imagine how happy I was when I watched it in June! They were real big on Death Proof too. The employees were wearing DP T-shirts, they had this huge Grindhouse theme going on, and they even had the DP soundtrack on! Whilst I was there, there was a heat wave, and they experienced their hottest temperature in 80 years!

I got the same Reservoir Dogs poster, Ify, ahaha.

Here are pics of my flat in Paris with posters covering every walls :

You can see on this last pic that I hanged vinyls on my wall, ahah, and covered my shelf with gig flyers too. You can also see my Coffy vinyl in the bottom of the pic on the right.

Btw you copy and paste the links of each pics to open them in a new window to see a HQ pic, you’ll see better all the postcards I got on my shelf like that.

Wow, awesome!! Loving the After Eights, yummm! ;D And that Once Upon A Time In The West pic owns. One of my favourite moments in the film. Is that a Japanese Pulp Fiction postcard I see as well? Man, your room owns!

By the way, I can see you in some photos there. I can see the one you posted before but this time I can see your face!! :stuck_out_tongue: You’re so pretty!

My pics are from my student house. You can also copy the URL into your web browser to see a bigger pic.

After Eights are the best !

  1. Yeah it’s a jap card of Pulp Fiction, this one is really awesome.

  2. Right, right, there’s the pic I didn’t post completely of me, this pic is so funny with that cuban cigar tube. And there’s also a pic of me when I was 2 on the first pic but you can’t see much of my face, though I was cuter when I was younger :stuck_out_tongue: The yellow guy on pics on my table on the first pic is my dad when he was younger playing in a band.

  3. I love all the stuff in your room too, you’re such a big QT fan, mine was full of Qt stuff too (I posted some pics from my past room before I moved to Paris with my Kill Bill action figure and everything, and my Kill Bill trailer 35mm film !!).

You’ve got your posters and pics in nice order there, Ify.

And I love lili’s Murray LiT poster

These are from my room at my parent’s place. I don’t have anything on my walls in my student crib (the dvd piles pretty much cover the wall, though)

White Heven in Hell in the top right corner

LW&C: Sword of Vengeance & Hanzo the Razor: The Snare

A Better Tomorrow

The Killer

The Street Fighter

The “computer room” (pic is a few years old, new comp and screen now, but the posters are still the same)

  • shitloads of poster in the closet (no room on the walls) including KB Vol. 2 (The Bride in black + O-Ren snow garden), The Godfather (Brando with the cat), Pulp Fiction and Death Proof.

I love the Sword of Vengeance and red Kill Bill posters !

About the Bill LiT poster, it’s so impressive cause there’s the whole list with nominations for awards that Sofia and the crew had.

I dont have enough walls to hang my posters on. My dvd shelves take up all the space. >:( I have 2 out of 11 (I think) on the walls. I some mini cutouts from newspapers on my door.

This topic was hard to find. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have just purchased the original french poster of 5 for Hell. Isn’t this amazing, this thing is 50 years old haha. Used in the cinemas at the time. Cost me 50$. There was also a lenticular poster of Pulp Fiction in the shop, but I didn’t get it since I already had the same poster (but normal). I went there to buy also an original poster of 2019: After the Fall of New York but the thing was really huge: 47" x 63". It can’t fit on my wall. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, here it is: