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Which color did/will you buy? DVD 10 YRS EDITIONS


hey Ify! You know you said I didn’t have anything positive to say? (obviously you haven’t actually looked at what I have posted before now, by the way…) Well I am going to say something positive that is aimed at YOU and is 100% non-sarcastic (really):

that’s a great point! Well done and thank you

You’re very welcome indeed :wink:

I got the white one. It was the only one available anywhere around here. Pretty damn cool though.

I got the SE DVD with all the guys on it. 8)

Just curious, are the profiles in the dvd or in a booklet,because I have the SE Dvd and I want to get the 10Yrs Edition.

More details are emerging and the official covers are known. Here is the Best Buy exclusive one for example: