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Which chapter(s)

…would you love to see as a full length feature film?

i would have to say house of blue leaves myself, because though it was the longest chapter in the whole film it still would have been awesome to see an 80 or 90 minute version of that. maybe provide some of the history of the hobl or just put more crazy fights with the bride.

but if not hobl, then definetly the chapter with pai mei. there’s a lot of stuff that qt left out of the movie that was in the script and i think that would be an awesome shaw bros. type homage flick. we could actually see what happened during the time that beatrix was there, instead of just a 10 minute excerpt.

Oh, thats a rather good and new question. At first sight, I’d also go for the “House of blue Leaves”, but not mainly because of the fight against the Crazy 88, but because of the “Lady Snowblood” inspired duel at the end. This fight in the snowy japanese garden would make an awesome showdown to almost every movie. Just stretching it a little more can’t hurt, I really liked the meditative style it was shot in.

But also the Chapter of “The lonely Grave of Paula Schultz” of course combined with “The cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei”-Chapter would make an awesome thriller with asian influence. The scene, where the Bride frees herself out of the grave is classic. Then this music (“L’Arena”) by Ennio Morricone got my skin crawling with a sense of utter, glorious victory. Would also make a great scene for a Showdown.

Out of Volume 1, I would like to see Yuki’s Revenge.  Out of Volume 2, I would like to see the last chapter.  Everything is peaceful the next day, but what if a bunch of rabid psychopaths on motorcycles named Pistolero, the Ghent, and Comanche appear?  Just kidding, but I think the ending with Bill should’ve had a longer fight scene.  Instead of just sword fighting for a little bit, it would be awesome if Bill was chasing her around his maze of a house and then the Bride has to rescue BB.

It would be like the Shining “Here’s BILLY!”