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Where's QT?

Sat at home with his ass in a $2,500 chair watching movies… surprising?

“The booming trend toward home theaters has been getting all the ink lately. The combination of new and cheaper technologies and the increasing desire on the part of those who do have money to get away from those who do not have led many upper-middle-class families to convert a recreation room into a mini screening room, complete with popcorn machines and cushy seats ($2,500 gets you a model with cup-holders that vibrates along with your action movie). Movie critic Roger Ebert has one at home. So does writer Dean Koontz. Director Quentin Tarantino supposedly uses his to watch made-for-TV-movies. In celebrity homes, it seems, a movie theater is as necessary as a swimming pool.”

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I thought that this topic would answer to one of the questions I actually asking me : where is QT ? what does he actually ? We haven’t really “real” news of him : OK he spilts with Bender (important news), he has those pbs with Miramax, Disney and so on, wants really to do IB, is at premiers for Sin City… OK, that’s already good, you will answer me… But not for me ! I would so much know that he’s really working on IB, and will do it quickly ! I don’t want him to stay at home to watch dvds. If he stays home, and watches dvds, I want him to watch war dvds, in order to think of IB… :’(

Haha, ah can you just leave him alone. It should be so disturbing, when there are people who follow to your every move.

I’m not that kind of maniac who check every move. In contrary, I want him not to be distrubing, in order to make IB !

I think the muther should have a web cam in every room of his house! and his hat, his car and one of those pens off countdown, his trash should be sold on ebay, address & tel # published daily in every newspaper worldwide!

ohh an a Golum looking fellow to follow him around and report back to us… <Now we aint got Bender ;D