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Where QT got the Adrenaline Shot scene (video from American Boy)

Check out the end of this video. Start at the 8 minute mark.

This is a documentary Scorsese made in 1978. It’s called American Boy: A Profile of Steven Prince. The guy talking, Steven Prince, tells a detailed OD story that QT took practically word for word. QT stole the entire story and it’s details for the OD scene of Pulp Fiction.

Wow, very interesting.

its not word for word, far from it, but it was a good source of info for the scene.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I thought that heroin story was funny as hell!

I mean it’s not exactly word for word, but all the ideas for the adrenaline shot are in that one minute (medical dictionary, magic marker, stabbing motion, 2 guys goin’ back and forth over who should give the shot, etc.)