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Where does Tarantino find his music?

I’ve been pondering this for sometime now. Where does Tarantino find the music for his movies? Most of the songs in his movies I’ve never even heard of and I don’t see how I lived without them! Many of them are priceless. I can definitely tell you that he has a great taste in music. Because of him I own every soundtrack to his movies (that he’s directed anyways). Has he ever talked about where he gets his songs from?

He’s an avid collector of film scores, soundtracks, pop music, so he listens to music and picks the songs that will accent the themes/rhythm/mood of his script.

Well some them(Maybe all of them) He gets from other movies. For example when sofie gets her arm cut off In Kill Bill that song that Is playing is from “death rides a horse”

Dogs was his favorite 70s AM Pop, Pulp Fiction was a mix of his favorite surf music, funk, 50s pop and country, Jackie Brown was a mix of R&B, Soul, movie music (from Coffy and Vampyros Lesbos) Hip Hop and Rock. Kill Bill was made up of mostly film scores he loves from Samurai, Spaghetti Western, Blaxploitation, Giallo, Kung Fu films. And some Pop Music he likes (Santa Esmerelda, Shivaree etc).

QT is a master at picking music thats for sure.

Yes Pulp Fiction got me Into Dick Dale

I remember QT was saying that the reason he chose that surf music was because it sounded alot like Spaghetti Western film music. Morricone by way of Dick Dale. I never thought of it before he said that.

Can you guys give me a list of films that inspired his music? I’d love to see them.

Death Rides A Horse

Master of the flying guillotine

Five fingers of death

Lady Snowblood

Thats all I can think of at the moment

Duke, check out the Tarantino Wiki’s Kill Bill reference section:

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Lots of good stuff there.

Tarantino just grew up with this stuff too. I think of how he found the 5, 6, 7, 8’s in that Japanese store. He’s just lived through these times and heard these great songs and then fitted them into his films.

yea i think quentin used alot of music that he’s always liked growing up etc but when kill bill came he decided to have some original music in (which he had not done before kill bill) he got the RZA to do it i think, the RR done volume 2 i think.