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Where can I get the Rolling Thunder DVD?

Any ideas? I’d really like to see this at some point.



But you can’t, look; <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1QQsaslcZ2”></LINK_TEXT>

In fact I heard its not even available on DVD. Where the hell can I get it?

EDIT: Found it here (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 6303471617”></LINK_TEXT>), but its NTSC, which my VHS player won’t accept. Any where I can get a bootleg DVD?

I refuse to buy a bootleg even if I wanted one I couldnt find it…so good luck in finding. Maybe someday it will be released.

Damn. Well, it looks like I’m just gonna have to wait. In the meanwhile I’ll get Five Fingers of Death at some point.

I have Rolling Thunder on VHS. It’s old and crappy, but I am not in a real hurry to replace it. If I could get a dvd easily, then I would.

I got it recorded from tv

I found a DVD-R Bootleg for $15 and $17 for international.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … under.html”></LINK_TEXT>

Sad to you…the director of Rolling Thunder has died :frowning:

i have a bootleg of this as well. it’s really about time this got released…

i wana see this really bad ne news on the release of it?

See my latest thread! I found a super-rare PAL VHS on eBay, if it doens’t go up too much, I’lltry get it.

Sorry to hear about the director.

Thanks for the link me. if I don’t get the VHS or Spanish version, I’ll buy there. Are they safe to use?

If youre a fan of this classic film, please take a minute to sign the new petition which may help get the film rights holders attention to give this a proper DVD release! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


For more on the film, click HERE

A very good film. Not one of ym fgaves, gut good nonetheless. Signed.

Thanks Non. I figured why isnt this on DVD? It def deserves to be. Its a classic to alot of people including myself. Id really like to see a nice DVD for it. Cant hurt to try.

already have it on DVD, not the best quality but it’s enough.

of course im signing the petition for a proper US release nonetheless.

I received an email today with the following information:

the spanish DVD of this movie has english audio and is in (non-anamorphic) widescreen. so whoever is a fan of importing from spain:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … +Corea.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

the guy who gave me this info has the DVD on its way to his mailbox and there’ll probably be a review of it soon

Ah, yeah, heard somewhere about a Spanish release. Look forward to your review. Still would be aweosm eto get a copy with special features. I am lucky to own a pre-release VHS PAL copy.

Cool stuff Seb! Now if we can just get a great Reg 1 release I’ll be happy!

just to clarify: it’s not me who might write the review, but the cool fella who contacted me