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Whentarantino appeared on Alias, he stole something like perfume?

I only watched that one time but what was that he stole anyway?

have you watched alias to know the whole story?

QT didn’t manage to steal anything he was caught at the end… :o

this perfume is actualy a liquid that helps revealing the contents of a blank page

it’s a little bit complicated if you haven’t see the show

haha perfume, that would be great

"we better bring out the shotguns for this one, Sydney…he stole a bottle of Hugo Boss…"

Ive only seen the second half of that story where Tarantino appeared, so I was just wondering why hed go to all that effort just for a little vile, ha that was cool when that guy tried to attack Tarantino from behind.

if you later in the show this bottle is now in the hands of the real CIA

and as i said it is used to reveal the ink of a page

if you want to know how the story goes on check the official alias site here

haha, tell me if this isn’t Mia Wallace.

Yeah, without make-up though.

Or the nail varnish.

haha, tell me if this isn’t Mia Wallace.


that isnt Mia Wallace.


Hey i remember this this was my first posting anyway what the fuck happened to Mia’s face it looks like someone tryed to put out a bush fire with a screw driver… :o