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When is is too old to become a filmaker

hi recently ive read rebel without a crew and have bought the guerilla handbook to film making. ive always been interested in filmmaking for as long as i can remember but never had the balls to do it. presently im nearly finished an architecture degree but my girlfriend has just pointed out to me how much i really am passionate about films. ive always been into architecture and no doubt will finish my degree but i cant help but think id like to give filmmaking a shot. only i have a few doubts like, am i too old to begin a new venture at 23? will i have the money? the time with college or the resources such as actors?

id like to hear your opinions.

even if i did do this it might not be to make it big but sort of something ive done for me and something that ive enjoyed.

it’s a tough decision yes, but 23 isn’t old.

You’re never too old, and it’s never too late.

You’re in the perfect spot. You’re still young and you have a degree to fall back on if things don’t work out.

I believe a lot of film makers started at the age of 23; Rodriguez and Scorsese just to name a couple.

…or maybe they were 22… whatever. That’s when I started my attempt at film making.

Point is, Go for it! Never hold back.

Age has nothing to do with it. Go out and write, and film and enjoy

Yeah, it’s never too late, until you’re dead.

Dead is too old. And if your serious about this, if nothing else could matter to you, if making films or wanting to make them is what drives you to wake up in the morning, then don’t let a person, situation, or any mother fuckin’ body else in the world tell you otherwise than that’s what will make you a happy person. I can’t imagine a scarier thing than waking up one day and being eighty and realizing that the only things I didn’t accomplish were the things I didn’t try. And the things that I didn’t try were what would have made me a happy person.

But you got to know, it’ll be rough, probably. More than likely really. So unless your willing to fight through to the finish line, which is really the beginning if the finish line is being a filmmaker, don’t rough. Know it’s your passion before you pour your heart into.

But hey man congrats, that’s my path in life and I myself plan to walk the motherfucker to the end through rain sleet and snow. Maybe one day we’ll bump into each other at a film festival and our films will be head to head. Might be. I’ll work my ass off to get there if you will?