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What's your best Res Dogs prequel or sequel idea?

Here’s a fun exercise.  If it’s been discussed before, please give a link.   In just a maximum of 35 words (no need for a long paragraph), what are your most creative, briefly expressed story ideas for a Res Dogs prequel or a sequel, even if one never really happens, that could feature any characters from any of Quentin’s other films so far.

Yes, with a possible RD sequel, I know all the characters at the end either are shot or arrested.  Consider some other more creative options, for the 1 or 2 characters who might have been left, or for the aforementioned but unseen Mr. Purple and any other additional unseen color characters (real or just made up by you).

Or maybe something called Reservoir __  (with a different witty animal or human name following it), featuring only females for example.

Or Reservoir __  (with another animal or human name following it), set in a different, more interesting (in your view) criminal milieu than the one in Res Dogs.  ÂÂ

i dont want a sequel. nor a prequel.

that sucks. there are only few films that qualify for a franchise (for example James Bond…)

[quote]i dont want a sequel. nor a prequel.

that sucks. there are only few films that qualify for a franchise (for example James Bond…)[/quote]

nicely put…a Reservoir Dogs sequel/prequel would be such a dumb move. I know Tarantino would never do anything like that. I liked when Reservoir Dogs was Tarantino’s first movie, not some marketing tool they make video games and action figures (although I collect!) out of!

I don’t know… it’s kind of strange isn’t?

I have an idea for a sequel: Mr.White, who has somehow survived the end of Reservoir Dogs, breaks out of jail and goes questing to find Mr.Pink, who has the diamonds .

[quote]I have an idea for a sequel: Mr.White, who has somehow survived the end of Reservoir Dogs, breaks out of jail and goes questing to find Mr.Pink, who has the diamonds .[/quote]

Like the bullets don’t him? Like Vince & Jules?

heh heh

Mr. Pink got blasted anyhow at the end

I got this from a Michael Madsen interview:

A sequel called Dogs in Hell with all of them down there working on their karma. ;D

Now thats the most intelligent thing i’ve heard all day.

i think any type of prequel or sequel to reservoir dogs is a bad idea. it’ wouldn’t make sense for a sequel and a prequel would probably ruin the original movie, and QT’s reputation.

Now that’s the second most intelligent thing i’ve heard all day.

thank you, BMF. i feel intelligent now. anywho, i don’t want to see QT’s reputation go down the drain just because he directed some crappy sequel or prequel to Res Dogs. No offense, but if reservoir dogs had a preq or seq i wouldnt see it. plus the original actors would be too old for the roles of the prequel and lets face it, there isn’t much story for a second reservoir dogs.

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i’ve heard that QT is actually making a reservoir dogs 2. my info could be false, but i heard that there’s like some new character that wasn’t mentioned in the first named Mr. Green. And he and Pink do another job together. i think it won’t happen, and i hope it won’t. i don’t think you could make a good sequel to Reservoir Dogs.

A sequel would be a class one botch-up. The only people who would attempt to do such a thing would be:

  • Wannabes – probably students
  • Some dodgy bloke with intentions to make stupid money (actually I think this person may make a remake and attempt to sell it of as a original)
  • Over enthusiasts- (usually crap writers, who enjoy kissing there own backsides-but which side?)
  • Some bored, uneducated, dim-witted, individual, with a crap life………

    …………so here comes my attempt.



    By Kuthi copy write 2003

    Years later a cop (Quincy Tarantino) reads the files and becomes intrigued, by the whole RD robbery epic. After time researching into this he clicks his fingers over his head and devices a plan.


    He gathers together some daft sods (both male and female) and names them after Mr Men and little Misses- Mr Happy, Mr Square, Mr Sleazy, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Fuck-Up and Little Miss Venezuela 2003.

    The plan is obvious and so is the outcome (kinda), using his own position as a crap-copper he heroically volunteers to go undercover as a member of the now-almost-formed, might-be-robbers.

    They attempt, they fail, but does side-parted-copper Quincy Eric Victor Tarantino have the merchandise?


    I think I’ve now written 35 words

    Did I mention this will take place in the North Pole?

The only sequel I could imagine is a film about a heist that Joe’s other thieves have committed.

JOE “Besides, I got a guy named Mr. Purple on another project…”

You know when Joe was assigning everyone their colors, and Mr. Pink asked if he could be Mr. Purple? Joe said no, because someone else on another job was Mr. Purple.

How about doing Reservoir Dogs 2, about that other job that was going down at the same time? Just a thought.

Didn’t I just suggest that in the post directly above yours?

I have a cheesy one here it is.

Mr Brown didnt died. After 7 years he wakes up. The cops, who were waiting when he was going to wake up, arrest him.

He lost his memory. The cops are saying that he was a undercover agent. They give him the job to find Mr Pink and collect the diamonds of Mr Pink. In the end of the movie Mr Brown finds out that he was one of the dogs at the robbery. And he will fight against the cops with Mr Pink.

Ok sorry it ain’t 35 words, but who cares.

I think that prequels and sequels are usually shit, and RD doesn’t need either. I would be happy if everyone would just shut the fuck up about it. These ideas represent everything that is wrong with hollywood. Brainstorming about a sequel to movie that left us with no possibilities for another one. There are a lot of movies that have done this, but Hollywood wants to milk a hit for every single dime. Predator ended so perfectly, but they had to have more, so they made a second one and it sucked, and it ruined the franchise. There are some exceptions to the sequel rule, but not enough IMO. Leave good movies alone. Sequels suck dick.

the best idea would be a sequal. it would show pink getting out of prison and then immediatly goin 4 a new job. also, they would have like other characters from other tarantino movies.