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Whats better, book or movie?

there are a lot of changes in jackie b. that weren’t in the novei, rum punch. i think the movie was better than the novel. what do you think?

I think that I liked the book better, just because there is so much more to it, but the movie is really great, I think it might actually be my favorite QT movie.

I love JAckie Brown too, it’s really Tarantino’s most underated because it wasn’t that violent. (PLus it has to be one of the few movies where Pam Grier doesn’t shoot a gun  ;))

But I think it would’ve been awesome if Tarantino had been able to bring ALL the book to the screen, there’s so much good shit in it.

Jackie Brown also has a terrific cast.

But as far as which one is better? Eugh…well, most people probably saw the movie then read the book, I read the book first…I dunno how to answer this question, it’s a toughy!  :-/

i think the book is very different from the movie. i liked the script better than both the movie and the book, actually ;_)

[quote]i think the book is very different from the movie. i liked the script better than both the movie and the book, actually ;_)

How can you like the fuckin script MORE than the movie? You miss all the acting, music, direction, cinematography, the complete experience of seeing the film come to life.

You actually would rather read the script on your computer than watch that awesome film?

You gotta be crazy!

dude, I love the movie.

Somehow though, I think reading the script is tons of fun, maybe I exagerated by liking it more than the movie, but I certainly love the script a lot :wink:

yeah, but the fucking script doesn’t have all the great music…plus that whole scene with Chris Tucker and Sam Jackson looking in the trunk is like…not even there totally. The whole Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles Line isn’t there!

Hard to say. I haven’t read the book in a looooong time. I read it when I first heard QT was adapting it. I gotta thank QT for that, because I’ve read a lot of Elmore Leonard since then thanks to Rum Punch.

I’m currently reading Leonard’s The Switch as part of my current Jackie Brown obsession(I’ve Watched it a lot lately). The Switch is the frst Leonard Novel with Ordell and Melanie and Louis. I plan to re-read rum punch again next then re-watch Jackie Brown.

Movie was much better - Quentin is a master of dialogue!

Well it is kinda like comparing apples to oranges. The book is great and so is the movie. The movie captures the feel of the book without copying the book. i was surprised when re-reading the book how much dialogue is straight lifted from the book. It’s mostly stuff that moves the plot along and a lot of Max’s lines.

It’s funny how the scene in which Ordell convinces Beaumont to get in the trunk is one paragraph in the book and 20 minutes in the movie.

Ordell is so much creepier in the movie. He seems like a lot more of a fuck up in the book.

I think the book kinda fucks up on the suspense when Max Leaves Jackie at her place after picking her up at jail. Leonard tells you right away before you even know that Ordell is going to Jackie’s place that Jackie has taken the gun. I like how the split screen in the movie lets you know that at almost the EXACT moment that Jackie uses it. More effective IMHO.

All the subplots and characters that QT cut(The Nazi, The Jackboys, Max’s wife) are not really missed in the movie IMHO.

It was interesting to me that in the book at least Max seems to get some action. I got the impression from the movie that Max and Jackie’s relationship never got sexual. The book also makes me think a lot more that Max and Jackie might end up together. The very end of the book is the spot where Max and Jackie kiss at the Bail Bonds office. Then it abruptly ends with Jackie asking Max to go with her.

With Elmore Leonard and Quentin Tarantino you have two masters of there respective trades. Leonard is with out a doubt one of the greatest writer of all time and QT is an amazing director so it is really hard to compair because Rum Punch and Jackie Brown are both excellent. But if I had to choose, I would say Rum Punch simply because I have been ready Leonards work for years. Still, you cant fuck with a sure thing.

Rum Punch is Great and Epic. I perfer Jackie Brown over the Rum Punch since I am a film geek. I Liked Rum Punch. after reading Rum Punch, I had found out that Jackie Brown is very different than Rum Punch. In a way, I think Jackie Brown stayed very true to Rum Punch.

the book is ALWAYS better than the movie.


it’s been awhile since i’ve read rum punch but there was one scene i loved in the book that wasn’t in the movie. something about ordell going to a guys house with melanie to steal guns. anyhow, it’s not quentin’s fault. you can’t make a movie exactally like the book or else it would be boring.

I prefer the book, but the movie is one of the best around. And, for wahtever it’s worth, Tarantino learned to write dialogue from reading Leonard’s novels. Even ‘serious’ literary folks cite how dead-on Leonard’s dialogue is. QT has, I believe, mentioned this debt many times. Watch Reservoir Dogs, the dialogue is all very Leonard-inspired. Which is cool and in no way a rip-off on QT’s part. He studied a master and it paid off. Leonard also gives a nod to Reservoir Dogs in his novel Riding The Rap.

hard question. I think in this case, the movie. All thr boring bits are left out. Although the majority of the time with book/ movie adaptions it’s usually the book that’s better.

I’m afraid I have to go with the film as my favorite, but that’s mostly down to not having enough patience when it comes to reading. I tried reading on recommendation after watching the film, but didn’t finish it >:(

A great film and maybe a great book one day… when I finish it!!