What was that sitcom scene in nbk inspired by

yeah in nbk theres this fvnny ass part that is viewed like a sitcome…i would say its from married with children because it must have been around then, but were there other sitcomes that were this rude?

its not based on anything, Oliver Stone says in the commentary that he just felt like making something dramatic look funny and happy

thats why Rodney Dangerfield was such a good choice to play Mallory’s dad, he looks like a sick pedophile but hes actually an unbeleivable funny guy

but why in the form of a family sit come? the first thing those types of comedies came out…eg sit comes with dirty characters, it was a new thing in film history and inspired the simpsons, roseanne etc.-given the fact that oliver was not acredited for inventing this type of comedy-to the contrary it was known to one of his only films that were the oposite of ahead of his time-this does suggest that he got that sit com scene from somewhere.

It is just a cool stylish way to do a flashback. Tarantino did the anime flashback in Kill Bill and there was some other stuff like that written into the Kill Bill screenplay.