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What was taken out of Kill Bill?

I’ve searched online for the original script of Kill Bill and can’t find it (the link doesn’t work on I’ve vaguely heard about the chapter Yuki’s Revenge, where gogo’s sister goes after beatrix around the time of the “2” chapter.

Two chapters were taken out: Yukis revenge and Can She Bake A Cherry Pie (Bills original introduction chapter).

what happened in “can she bake a cherry pie”?

IF I remember correctly, it’s Bill on an assassination gig. Both scenes were awesome, I would have loved for them to have been filmed.

In Can She Bake, Bills at a private casino game (like The Wolf was in Pulp) in a hotel and an assassin tries to kill him, but Bill takes him out., I think it was sort of like the Da Moe outtake scene. Its been a long time since I read it.

Sam Jacksons wife was supposed to play a role in the chapter too I think.

I remember reading the script…religiously back in the day. My favourite scene was definitely Yuki’s Revenge. I can’t remember exactly how it went down now, but it sounded damn rockin’ on page. It always reminded me of “The Gold Watch” with Butch moving through surburbia. We would also hear ice-cream bells in the background of this sequence and infact you can still hear them in the movie at the beginning of Chapter 2; this was Yuki in disguise tracking The Bride. The basic premise was: after their showdown through the streets and backyards The Bride kills Yuki after a confrontation inside a house (I can still visualise it, haha) and hides out in a treehouse until she calls a nurse (Bonnie?) to help out her situation - great stuff!

ah that sounds really good! I wanna read it for myself, is the script anywhere online?

Also there’s like a voice over montage in the opening sequence that was taken out. Hallucinations of Bill when the Bride awakens from her coma, and a different fight sequence in the end that takes place in the beach. Look for it on Drew’s

according to harry knowle’s set report, yuki’s revenge was shot, while can she bake a cherry pie was never filmed, instead what was filmed was a flashback that can be found as deleted scene on the volume 2 dvd

Yukis Revenge was filmed? You mean the whole thing with the gunfight etc? I didnt think QT ever shot that.

i dunno, I read it in harry’s set report. that’s all i know

omg thats crazy i also really loved that scene… wud be great if they put that on the whole bloody affair dvd. if that ever gets released lol, btw what happened to that, we saw the dvd box right so what the hell.

Yeah, I never heard that it’d actually been shot, but if Harry’s right, then it’s a good possibility that it WILL be on TWBA. Let’s all hope so anyway.

When is that DVD gonna come out? The Grindhouse box set never even came out, what the motherfuck fuck is going on???

Arghghghghghghgghgh!!! I’m eating my keyboard arghghghghghghghg!