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What the point of MR BLUE anyway? [Too many dogs]

[quote=“Bone Daddy”]
Care to elaborate on that statement, or would that be stupid, too?
What i mean is…who cares what the point of Mr.Blue is he was great in the movie and thats all that matters.

I would dare to guess, because of his age, he had some special knowledge required for the job. Perhaps he once worked there and knows the ins and outs of the place, he could have even brought the job to the table. Maybe he was some old time safe cracker or whatnot. There could be many reasons why he was needed. On the flip side perhaps he wasnt needed at all, maybe Eddie was repaying a favor and giving the guy a job. Perhaps he was forced to do the job to repay some debt. Maybe bad ass mother fuckers who dont know each other are hard to come by? Who the fuck knows or cares? Bluh!

Maybe SAG has a union clause that requires at least 2 old geezers in every film made.

[quote=“KILL BILL vol.3”]
You mean, “What’s special, take you in the back and suck your dick”. He also is in it becuase he says the beautiful line “how many dicks was that”. There really was no need for him to be in it, there were too many people. It was a five man job, so i guess having him in there is a factual error. However, i liked him in it and thought it only helped the movie, not hurt it.

the extra man was Mr. Blonde not Mr. Blue