What QT Film character are you most like?

My kids said I remind them of the guy Samuel L Jackson played in Pulp Fiction. Since I a white woman living amongst polygamists in Utah I certianly don’t see the connection. Has anyone ever said your like a character from a QT film?

Some say I have some traits of Vincent Vega.

For me, it’s Budd (Michael Madsen) from Kill Bill.

Pulp Fiction’s Lance.

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I’m quoting Beatrix all the time, but I really am feeling Soshanna… She just has a cool attitude that in my arrogance I relate to haha…

Definitely Beatrix Kiddo of Kill Bill.

I’d like to think I’m Jules Winnfield, people probably see me as Max Cherry, but in reality I’m Daisy Domergue.

I wish I had anybody say I remind them of him, but I would be a madcap if I emulated any of his characteristics. Lol, I would be a deadman. After all we know what happens to every pimp in this world. 2× back of the fucking head. Although my mother was an apache…

When Pulp Fiction came out, I really identified with Butch. He displayed the most admirable trait out of all the characters, and that was doing the right thing despite everything saying he shouldn’t. Meaning he went back to save a terrible man (and Marcellus was a terrible man, make no mistake) from a terrible fate. As Captain Koons (Christopher Walken) explained to a young Butch, men in a desperate situation take on a responsibility for each other, and Butch evidently took that advice to heart. On the other hand, for some reason a lot of people thought I was like Jules, which I didn’t really understand. I think it was because I could quote all his lines. But I could do that for pretty much all the characters. But Jules had the best lines, so I guess that is what stuck. Looking back though, I reallize all of that was just youthful folly. And truth is, if I am like any character, I’m probably the character played by Alexis Arquette, credited as “The Fourth Man”, but more popularly referred to as “Seinfeld”. Like the character, my best laid plans are all for naught. Usually failing quite spectacularly. But that’s life ain’t it?