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What kind of gun does Clarence have?

specifically, what kind of gun does Clarence carry in True Romance?


Squirt gun.

what are you a wise guy?

anyone have a real answer?

Cap gun.

a gun made by a dago.

so I guess this is one of those message boards where you can’t get a straight answer.

JK dude. im not 100 percent sure but I think it was a 38.

I know that it looks like a .38, but as I am sure you are well aware there are quite a few different companies that manufacture firearms. I was just curious if anyone knew the EXACT manufacturer and model of the gun in the movie. Am very curious.

thanks in advance

here is looks a little big to be a .38

maybe a .357?

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … oster1.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

You should goto a Gun Forum, post that pic and ask them. Youd get an answer in no time.

I was thinking that, but I think I need a better picture.

Squirt gun.
Cap gun.

This is a little scary question lol Your probably not one of those guys that kills somebody with the same gun clarence used in your favorite movie but it still makes me think of something like that lol

Killgore Trout. Thanks for that link

the answer I got on the gun forum was a Smith & Wesson 66/686 2.5" bbl

they posted this link that I thought was pretty cool.

so is it the Smith & Wesson 66/686 2.5" bbl or the The Smith & Wesson Model 60-15

3� .357 Magnum J-frame Revolver?

I didn’t die or anything crazy. I spend most of my time at now. I kind of faded out after the big period of turmoil surrounding the invite thing. I found cheapassgamers when they had a contest to win $1,000 and just kind of hung around afterwards.