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What if Tarantino made sequels?

imagine there’s a parallel universe where Tarantino made Vega Brothers instead of Jackie Brown. It’s a huge success at the box office and does even better than Pulp Fiction.

After 1997’s Vega Brothers he goes to work on the bride story that he came up with Uma Thurman. Only this time it’s a sequel to Pulp Fiction. It takes place 10 years after the events of Pulp Fiction. Marcellus Wallace is killed by a mysterious hitman, leaving mia a widow. She goes through all the training that beatrix goes through and meets Bill. she gets pregnant and runs away and gets married just like in kill bill. After she gets her revenge and meets bill face to face it is revealed that he killed Marcellus Wallace. This does excellent at the box office as well and comes out in 2000. It’s called Pulp Fiction 2: Mia’s Revenge.

Then QT takes his WW II idea and makes it a prequel to Pulp Fiction, where Butch’s grandfather is one of the basterds. After Butch’s grandfather dies the story focuses on wanaka and a few other soldiers on their trek to bring the watch back to Butch’s father. It’s called Wanatka’s Promise. This also does well at the box office and comes out in 2004.

Next is Pulp Fiction 3: Jules’ Journey. This focuses on what happened to Jules after the events of Pulp Fiction. Last we heard he was going to “walk the earth”. this comes out in 2007. Does mediocre.

Next is Reservoir Dogs 2, a spiritual sequel to the original Reservoir Dogs. This takes place during the original Reservoir Dogs but plays with an entirely different cast. Mr. Purple, Mr. Black, Mr. Red, Mr. Green, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Copper. In this one everybody’s scheming to get a larger share of the cut. It’s sort of like Jackie Brown because it involves several people intercepting money from an offshore account. Though Joe Cabot is their boss and they mention him he is never seen, neither is Nice Guy Eddie, as actors Lawrence Tierney and Chris Penn are dead. This comes out in 2009 and does poor at the box office.

Next is Pulp Fiction 4: Butch’s Escape. This focuses on what happened to Butch after the events of Pulp Fiction. He finds it’s not as easy as he thought to get back to Knoxville. Marcellus’s henchmen follow him despite the agreement between Butch and Marcellus. released in 2012, this too does poor at the box office.

etc. etc. etc. until quentin stops making movies and just makes pulp and reservoir dogs novels. it would suck!