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What Drugs Does QT Do, and or has Done?

I read in a Rolling Stone Article that he did Pills in Beijing, Uma said that him and QT sat around and smoke cigarettes talking about Pulp and KB. There is a fuck load of Weed refrences in his movies and i do see him as a stoner (eg. loves movies, knows all the lingo, laughs like a stoner etc…), there is that other thread about QT smoking cigs but i could really get much out of it because the conversation turned to rubbish very quickly :-*, if anyone has any quotes on his drug use that would be very helpfull aswell.

Peace, HR

Why, you think if you use the same drugs as him you’re gonna write such cool scripts as his? :slight_smile:

Yeah he said he did XTC in beijing.

he also smokes pot. so what…

that doesnt mean that doing drugs is cool.

But that doesn’t mean that doing drugs is not cool either.

[quote]But that doesn’t mean that doing drugs is not cool either.[/quote]

whats cool about using drugs (hey thats off-topic) :wink:

thanks for the clarification guys, how is it known tho that he is a Pot smoker? has he blatantly admitted it or are we just putting two and two together?

[quote]thanks for the clarification guys, how is it known tho that he is a Pot smoker? has he blatantly admitted it or are we just putting two and two together?[/quote]

thats a conclusion we drew from various past interviews and quotes of qt’s friends and all. its just a fact.

and really: its nothing special anymore today, if somebody smokes pot

You ALL need to get high sometime (not Buono, he burns). I hate it when people ask questions about Qt’s personal life, especially stupid ones like this. So what if he does or doesn’t do drugs, weed I’ve never really considered a real drug, just a drug additive.

“Pills” are drugs to real extent, only if I knew what “pills” he was poppin in china though.

Yeah, I don’t see how information on his drug use is pertinent to understanding his work or films. Oliver Stone on the other hand, I think everybody’s GOT to know what he was on when he wrote Scarface.


whats cool about using drugs (hey thats off-topic) :wink:[/quote]

doing drugs or not doing drugs doesn’t make you cool; you’re just cool if you are cool. if that makes any sense.

Take a hit of LSD or swallow a box of mushrooms and ask yourself the same question. You’ll be there all day pondering the concept of cool. I have found the meaning of life at least ten times and instantly forgotten it when I’ve spotted something shiny. Moral of the story? Personal choice.

Heh heh, not what I would have chosen as my first, introduction post. Hello. Nice to meet you all. :smiley: ::slight_smile:

Whenever I do LSD the walls yell shit at me. And my computer screen starts talking to me.

I doubt Quentin did (or does) LSD, if he did, he’d be closer to Lynch.

I bet that he snorts a couple lines now and then too, he’s got the money

i don’t have the money and i still snort like a racinghorse with a bluetruck behind it^

(i just made that up, I RULE!!)


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