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What are Tarantino's favorite German directors?

In an interview QT said his favorite German directors are the old ones. “Leni Riefenstahl is the best!” He likes the ‘German Hitchcock’ Alfred Vohrer, he’s a gigantic fan of Dr. Arnold Fanck and loves Bernhard Wicki’s movies, too.

This a breath of fresh air. No Murnau, Lang, Pabst or Käutner … inspiring choices.

I’m sure he loves Lang and Murnau, though. Probably too obvious to even mention.

He also mentioned Tom Tykwer very positively.

He called Vohrer the German Hitchcock. Of course, Vohrer often did several movies a year, and they weren’t as good as Hitch, but he was definitely influenced by “Psycho”.

Sure, he do. And Riefenstahl wasn’t a big surprise, because all this 70’s New Hollywood directors like George Lucas or John Milius support her. I really love the nominations of Fanck and Wicki. MORITURI is a fuckin masterpiece.

‘The Holy Mountain’ directed by Fanck and starring Riefenstahl can be found on DVD here <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -mountain/”></LINK_TEXT>

Also don’t forget Joe May who Lang used to work for

There are excellent and lengthy interviews with Fritz Lang in Peter Bogdanovich’s book ‘Who The Devil Made It’. Well worth a read. I’ve just watched ‘Frau Im Mond’ and now I’ve got the four and a half two parter ‘Dr Mabuse Der Spieler’ to view so I’m looking forward to that.

Carl Dreyer (from Denmark) made a couple of good contributions to German cinema in ‘Mikaël’ and ‘Vampyr’.

[color=beige]I’m sure he’s at least a fan of Pabst’s, considering he included ‘Pandora’s Box’ on a list of his favorites just last year and he (if the script can even be trusted at this point) plans to feature 'The White Hell of Piza Palu" in IB.

I’m sure he also likes Harald Reinl movies (e.g. Winnetou, Treasure of Silver Lake etc) and why hasn’t anyone mentioned Fritz Lang yet? :slight_smile: