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What are all of Tarantino's future projects?

Also what other movies would you like him to do (i.e. genres)?

This is what I know he’s doing:



Inglorious Bastards


Kill Bill 2

Kill Bill prequel

Vega Brothers

what i’d like to see him do:

a real Western, taking place in the old West

an adventure movie (a la Indiana Jones)

The Adventures of Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (a Bonnie and Clyde-esque movie, with plenty of awesome car chasing)

a spy movie (a la James Bond)

a fugitive movie (a la The Fugitive)

a pirate movie (with Johnny Depp)

a comedy (with Jim Carey)

bump? (more than 2 years later)

a pirate movie (with Johnny Depp)[/quote]

Don’t give me a reason to cut my throat.

Remember some of the old shows had new short films attached as a precursor? Lots of cartoons, and I remember “Hardware Wars” as well as “Cut Flowers”, with Bill and Bryian-Doyle Murray, and others.

I think “Honey and Bunny” would be a great 12-minute example of one of these “Shorts”, ideal for putting right in front of a serious, grand (yet still Tarantino) Big War Film. Something funny and sad and violent and romantic, and violent (Bonny/Clyde style) before the harder WWII edge of INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, don’t you think?



Vega Brothers

we don’t mention this anymore 8)