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What an idgeiot (English Term)

Steve Buscemi is Boddy Holly, the waiter in Pulp Fiction - a little cameo, how come I didn’t spot that till the six or seventh time.

What and idgeiot.

please define idgeiot. i fuckin’ speak english, and that definately isn’t.

Logically, I think it means idiot. But I’ve never heard it either.

What does it mean and how do you pronounce it? Does idgeiot rhyme with “midgit”?

He’s trying to call himself an idiot. :slight_smile: He just spelled it out phonetically the way an Irishman (plus a lot of other europeans) would pronounce it.


I have a question for all you europeans (Or maybe it’s just English) What does “nigh” mean? In 28 days later it says “Repent. The end is extremely fucking nigh” what does that mean??

Nigh means near.

And it’s spelt eegit.