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Waves of Lust - Ruggero Deodato

I just bought and watched Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man and absolutley loved it, and thus want to buy more Deodato films. Obviously there is cannibal holocaust, but i here that this film (waves of lust) is one of his best, and was a huge hit in Italy, and the reason why he was able to direct Live Like A Cop… So, my question is, has anyone seen this, and is it any good? I’m thinking about buying it, but won’t do so without some encouraging words. Also, if there are any deodato fans that would like to post there favorite movies by him, feel free to do so.

Hard to believe, but I actually saw this movie on pay-per-view during mid 90’s. I was expecting it to be like some sexy softcore stuff, but was dismayed to see that it was some corny 70’s European “Dead Calm”-type flick.

I had never heard of Cannibal Holocaust by that time, so there was no way that I would’ve taken notice of who the director of this was.

As for the movie itself, I really don’t remember much at all. Some kind of thriller on a yacht with very little eroticsm.

If you wanted more Deodato recommendations, I’d throw out Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (aka Jungle Holocaust) and House on the edge of the Park.

thanks. Even though you don’t remember much of it, would you recommend it for $18.95? If its a shit movie, than there’s no reason for me to even waste the money. Also, how good is House on the Edge of the Park, any details would be appreciated.