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Watch my new movie - Payday

Heres a movie i made a few month ago for a school project, its about a man trying to get his money back. Its only 5 minutes long. My reason for making this was just to toy around with the techincal aspects of moviemaking, though it may look like crap, i learned a lot from it. (and i got an A for the project!)

the movie is in danish with english subs. I would love some feedback

Watch payday:

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I liked it man, good work. A bit lacking in the acting department I thought, but the directing and overall flow was great. 8) And the guy who got pulverized was even watchin’ Kill Bill. ;D

Thanks man ;D (i cant believe you noticed the presence of kill bill)

About the acting, i only had a week to write, shoot and edit the thing. So i didn’t really spend any time on the acting. Also, i have always sucked at acting (i play the lead guy).

People! please post more comments, i would love that.

Yeah, that was very good i think (I wish i could tell you something nice in Danish, but i even had problems understanding, thank god for the subs, hehe).

Very good for only a week i think, and i heard Kill Bill, hehe :wink:

the music could have been better but it was interesting, good work, especially for a weeks time