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Washed-up blues legend plays with Afro

This is little joe washington. I’ve been playing music with this guy for about ten years now. He’s been drinking cough syrup for about 15, so I’d say his brain is completely fucked by now. Anyhow, here is a little clip of him doing what he does best…if you watch the whole thing you will know what I meant about the cough syrup.

This is a joke.

He was Little Richard’s guitar player in the 50’s. He is a big deal in the Houston area - but he is definitely hit-or-miss. Some nights he is really good - other nights he is a total fool.

He reminds me of the guitar bums that sit on the sidewalk and play music to beg for money as you pass by.

that is basically what he does. He comes into a bar, borrows your guitar, and then passes his nasty-ass hat around and the yuppies fill it thinking that they have helped humanity - in reality they have purchased cough syrup. Little Joe is a really good musician when he isn’t fucked up like he is in the video playing with the teeth, beard, afro, and stomach.