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War mouvie

I have this idea for a spoof on Inglourious Basterds, it’s called War Mouvie. It also spoofs Apocalypse Now, Eastern Condors and a few more.

The Story(loosely based on real events):

In the end of the 70’s, Kim Jong-Il kidnapped South Korean director Shin Song-ok and took him to North Korea to make communist movies.(This far it’s all true)

In 1986, in an act of political stupidity, the US goverment decided to liberate him. They offer the mission to an traumatized Texan colonel named Al Ryan(a spoof on Willard in Apocalypse Now), who will lead a group of soldiers into North Korea to save Shin from Kim Jong-Il. He accepts.

He gathers a group of soldiers that are partly made out of Melvin Wong, a Kung-Fu expert, a strange swede named Anders Svensson who is also known as The Moose Swede who kills people with a tennis racquet and Zimmerman, a circus midget. The group is sneaks into North Korea and liberates Long Duck-Dong, a mute psycopath.

So you are basicly ripping off great war movies?

Well, you’d better hurry up and write it, Viking. I’ll bet hollywood already has people working on one. Cos that’s what they do nowadays… Rip off shit. Like the A-Team movie… WTF?!

[quote=“Mr.Pink”]So you are basicly ripping off great war movies?[/quote]

That’s what parody movies does. That’s what Quentin Taratino does, and he admits it.