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Wanna be interviewed?

I’m doing a paper on QT and one of the things I wanna include is an interview from a fan. Anyone up for it? The questions are being worked on right now. Veterans appreciated, but anyone can join. (The best answers will be used on the paper).

I’m up for it.

:slight_smile:sounds fun. im in if i may. 8)

edit: Tarantino is my fav. director and i am a student of “theater, film and media”

Great, guys. Here’s some questions.

1.What do you like best about Tarantino?

2.What is your favorite character and why?

3.How did you discover him?

4.What is your opinion on the soundtracks?

5.Best scene?

6.What is your favorite movie that Tarantino has been involved in?

7.What do you think is in the briefcase in “Pulp Fiction”?

1. He has an original creativity in every aspect of his movies, whether it be dialouge, action, or other things never seen before.

2. Jules Winnfield is my favorite character, because for every person he stands up to, he has some intelligent or savvy comment to say to make them feel lesser of themselves before they are killed.

3. I saw small parts of Pulp Fiction when I was younger, and although I didn’t completley understand what was going on from what I had saw, I knew that this movie was something fresh and interesting…and then I watched interviews with Quentin on the Reservoir dogs DVD which gave me a lightbulb above my head that this guy was awesome.

4. The soundtrack for all his films is as close to perfect as you can get. He seems specific as to choosing music, and it pays off as the music really changes the mood of certain scenes.

5. It would be hard to choose only one favorite scene, but among my favorites would be “The house of blue leaves” scene in Kill Bill Volume 1, and both scenes in Pulp fiction where Jules and Vincent have conversation (especially the end of the movie in the cafe).

6. Reservoir dogs…because he’s actually cool in this movie.

7. That is a question that will never be answered, unless the man himself decided to share that information with us. It’s something that has a gold shine, and that’s all we’ll probably ever know.

1. That he makes movies. ;D Seriously i like his visual style, his dialogue, i guess his unique style of making movies overall.

2. Esteban Vihaio (mexican pimp from KB Vol.2) for reasons i don’t know.

3. A friend recommended From Dusk Till Dawn which i fell in love with, then I bought a copy of Pulp Fiction…

4. Soundtracks to QT movies are always the best soundtracks. No other director really uses music the way he does, which is excellent. The music is extremely supportive to the scene he uses it in, and the effect is you can never hear that song/tune again without thinking about the scene.

5. Hard to pick one out, but i say: O-Ren and the Crazy 88 enter the House of Blue leaves (KB Vol.1)

6. Kill Bill Vol.2. It’s my favourite movie of all time.

7. That is the ridiculous question all the QT hardcore nerds have chattered about, who really cares. QT choosed not to reveal it in the film, probably because it doesn’t matter at all.

Okey I got what I need. Thanks for the answers, guys, I really appreciate it.

post a copy of your paper when your done so we can read your work.

Oh I would, but it’s in norwegian and I can’t be arsed to translate all 10 pages.

[quote=“Dantes Inferno”]
Oh I would, but it’s in norwegian and I can’t be arsed to translate all 10 pages.

we got some norwegian fellas in here maybe someone is willing to translate

yeah post it!! I’ll read it anyway (from Sweden…)