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Volume 1 and 2 Missing Tracks

So I need some help. I recently found a blog which had the Volume 2 soundtrack on it. It includes the two Rodriguez tracks we’re missing. Problem is I have dial-up and it would be impossible for me to download it (it’s in a RAR file 175 mb big). If anyone could and then possibly e-mail me or upload the two tracks to Sendspace, I would appreciate it.

The link is: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … track.html”></LINK_TEXT>

I also recently got my hands on the The Grand Duel A (Mix II). If anyone is interested please PM me.

Hoping someone can help.


Which tracks do you need? :wink:

Just sent you a PM. Any help would be great. Thanks.

I hope Mediafire will work with you:

See you!

Rodriguez tracks are ripped from the movie…All the dialogues are included… :-</E>

Thanks for the link to that blog! ;D