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[Vol 1] What negative shit have you heard about KBv1?

I just saw Kill Bill for the second time last night and I heard some assholes complaining about the movie during the end credits. They were the only other people (a couple) that sat through the entire credits.

I could tell they were talking shit but the only things I heard were, “It’s kitschy” and “If I saw him walking on the street I’d wanna smack him.” Something else about how the violence was stupid.

These people are genuine assholes. Yeah, I suppose you couldn’t like Kill Bill but these people sure did suck. This movie kicks ass, and lots of it.

Anyway, what negative shit have you heard people saying about it?

Violence was unrealistic and ruined the movie by its stupidity.

FUck you!!! Kill Bill owns you!

If that comment was directed towards me, I was saying that’s the negative comments I’ve heard about it.

This gets the “MOST STUPID TOPIC ON THE BOARD” award from me. Congrats Herb!! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen it twice but only went to see it when their were small audiences, but I never heard any complaints from the two people I’ve taken to see it. They enjoyed it almost as much as I did, well, maybe not anywhere near as close to how much I did :slight_smile: The only complaints I’ve heard have been on the net, some critics and a couple of trolls. I had a similar experience after seeing Lord of the Rings though. There was this woman leaving the theater and she was talking really loud about how it was the worst film she had ever seen and how much it sucked, etc. I felt like breaking her jaw by the time I got out of there.

[quote]This gets the “MOST STUPID TOPIC ON THE BOARD” award from me. Congrats Herb!!  :slight_smile:[/quote]

Eat shit.


I love you guys…

I never pay assholes like that any attention. I just look at 'em like they’re the biggest morons I’ve ever encountered and roll my eyes. After that, I just don’t think about it, anymore.

Well, I sent my best friend Liz to see it, because I ranted and raved about how great it was. Her and I usually have the same taste in movies (Lord of the Rings is our absolute FAVE ever), but not thsi time, She complained to me for like an hour about how much the movie sucked. The part she especially didn’t like was the HoBL part, with the black and white. She thinks that QT had to make it B&W because of all the blood. shakes head I was flabbergasted (I love that word) by some of the stuff she pointed out. It was nuts. Of course, she’s never seen Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, so maybe she’s just stupid and doesn’t know how to appreciate good cinema.

[quote]She thinks that QT had to make it B&W because of all the blood. shakes head [/quote]

Actually she’s partially right. QT made House of Blue Leaves totally B&W because of the gore and the MPAA. The asian version is in color, or at least mostly color. If there were any B&W segments, they’d be at seconds at a time.

Exactly what Dead_Nigga_Storage said.

HoBL was in black in white because the MPAA said it was too violent to put in color.  QT wanted it to be in color, but the MPAA said otherwise.  Stupid MPAA “nazi’s”, lol.  But that’s the type of film maker QT is, you either love him or hate him.  He makes ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ movies.  So either people are going to love it or hate it, there won’t be any “well, it was an ‘okay’ movie.”

Gee… thanks guys… I thought it was for artistic effect… my beliefs are shattered. Oh well, I still love you!

I don’t get it. Just cause something is in blackand white u feel its for “Artistic effect” shows just how ignorant some people are.

Black and white does not always artistic…matter o fact…why is it considered artistiC? Most black and white in movies look stupid.

Sorry, I think black and white is artistic. Maybe it’s because I’m into black and white photography and stuff. It displays light, shows the shadows and just looks simpler and cleaner. That’s just me though. Sorry if you feel differently. It’s just my opinion.

“That movie sucked, it was just one long rip-off of the MUCH better Matrix series.” “Quentin Tarantino is a homosexual, because only a fag could make a movie like that.”

im not sure if anyone said anything negative about the movie but some squares got offended when me and my friend were laughing are asses off during the HoBL battle (severed bodies squiriming around…especially sophie)…sumthin about not being sensitive towards death…whatever…

How is it a rip off of The Matrix?? I’m all for the Matrix and I see it no ways how it’s a rip off.

I have no clue how Kill Bill could be a rip off of the Matrix. The only thing I can think of, even though it’s a long shot, and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever is that, Both Neo and ‘The Bride’ know kung fu, and fight a lot of people? Whoever though Kill Bill was a rip off of the Matrix seris should be skinned alive.

LOL Skinned alive… I pictured Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs dancing around when I read that. That’s trippy at one in the morning.