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[vol 1 OST] General Kill Bill volume 1 soundtrack talk



As posted in the MetClub (Official Metallica fanclub):

Quentin Tarantino has said in interviews that for the 'Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003): Chapter Five- Show Down at House of Blue Leaves’

scene with ‘The Crazy 88’s’ he was going to have a heavy metal song during the fighting. The RZA said in an interview that

Metallica had done a piece for that scene, but obviously Tarantino opted for The RZA’s tune.

Tarantino makes no secret of the fact that he borrows and pays homage to Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone pretty heavily in his

films, and what more suitable a song for Metallica to play in this scene than Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold”, a song from

Sergio Leone’s 1966 film “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” which plays before each Metallica concert.

I don’t know all this for certain, it just seems to fit. This is the first video I’ve made so everything might not be perfect,

but in all it looks and sounds right.


Ok, here’s a list of evidence that this song was meant to be in this scene:

1:10 Uma’s darting eyes before the fight are an homage to the darting eyes in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in the standoff scene, which is right after the “Ecstasy” scene.

1:34 The lead guitar is reflected in Gordon Liu’s and Uma’s eyes, and changes when she shifts her gaze

1:45 A crazy 88 does a maneuver with axes as guitar starts again -RZA "You will see the hand movements of the fighters is going with the music."

1:55 Backwards sounding guitar part plays while she looks at the reflection in the sword

All impacts in the action are met with something in the music

2:20 3 guys are chopped and this met with a different drumming filler bit

2:26 Huge crash of the cymbals when snatches the guys eye and it turns black and white

2:30 When she’s fighting Gordon Liu there is constant noise from the drums which comes back again when he appears to die

2:43 The sword pierces someone as the guitar makes a piercing kind of sound

2:46 Each time James Hetfield yells “Yeah” it’s as a Crazy 88 yells in pain or effort or something

3:03 The music totally changes as the fighting heads to the side room

3:13 Exactly as Uma’s foot hits the main room floor, the main tune returns

When Uma flips off of that guy’s shoulders and splits somebody else in half, the lead guitar is mimicking the action

3:31 The lead guitar plays two notes, one for when the sword goes in, one for when Uma pulls it out the other side

3:39 Ann odd sound as she springs off an embedded sword

3:47 Uma makes 3 hits, met by 3 crashes of the cymbals

4:01 The lead guitar tempo increases as she starts sprinting- In “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in the exact same moment in the song, Tuco begins running to find the grave of Arch Stanton

4:09 A crash when the bamboo hits the head

4:11 The distortion noise from the drums returns as the man appears to die

4:24 The closing 16 seconds is all in sync

The song runs for exactly the same amount of time as this section of the fight

For "Crane/White Lightning RZA says, “That was for a scene in the movie that was supposed to have a Metallica song. But that didn’t work out, so Quentin told me he wanted a song with a great buildup.” - Billboard, 2003


honestly, it doesnt sit right, and I am not sure if QT digs the metallica interpretation of this morricone classic… but it is a nice montage


Ok, here is Lars saying the songs were Sad But True and Enter Sandman- <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ntino.html”></LINK_TEXT>

And here is the fight scene with Sad But True and Enter Sandman-

Ecstasy still fits perfectly however.

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