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[Vol 1] Is it a crime film?

Is KB a crime film? All of QT’s thus far have benn, and it is chock full of criminal activity…

then yes. A sub genre could be crime. Yakuzas are gangsters.

It’s kind of a crime flick, but I woulden’t call it a crime film. You might as well call Die Hard a crime film if all you need is illegal activity in order to be part of the Crime genre.

That’s why I asked. Someone I know says it’s not because it doesn’t fit the formula, but it centers around a big conspiracy, as do the other Tarantino films that are unquestionably crime flicks, so I was just wondering what everybody else thought.

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I think it’s no doubt a crime film.

but there’s the exception: there are no real “crimes” shown. well yes there are murders and all, but there is no stealing, robbing, and so on, and no drug stuff etc, which was always part of Tarantino’s other movies.

In this case, if somebody would ask me to classify Kill Bill, I’d say it’s a “Martial Arts Exploitation hommage with Crime elements” , LOL

Nah, the “conspiracy” of the film isn’t really the center of the movie. The main point driven in Kill Bill, is this woman getting revenge on the friends that backstabbed her, and inevitably killing Bill. Even the conspiracy itself isn’t really a crime since it was just trouble within the Vipers group.

Revenge films are a subgenre of the main Crime genre.

All of QTs films so far have been subgenre crime films. Dogs was a heist film, Pulp was a gangster type film, Jackie Brown was a sting film.

Inglorious Bastards will be QTs first non crime film. It will be a War subgenre movie: Guys on a Mission.

No, Kill Bill is not a ‘crime’ film, just as most of QT’s films haven’t been ‘crime’ films.

The only true crime film QT has done is Reservior Dogs. Pulp Fiction was more of a collection of short stories involving characters that are criminals, although the story focused more on the personal transformation of characters rather than the crime itself.

Jackie Brown was about a woman going to desperate measures to better her life given one last chance. It’s not even a crime film, even though a subplot is involving cops stopping a gunrunner. The main story involves Jackie’s interaction with Max Cherry and Ordell.

Kill bill is a kung-fu action movie.

The good thing about QT is he doesn’t really have a ‘mold.’ This only proves that theory.

A good example of a crime movie versus a different kind with crime elements would be:

crime movie: The Score

not a crime movie: Boondock Saints

[quote] I’d say it’s a “Martial Arts Exploitation hommage with Crime elements” , LOL[/quote]
Coulden’t have said it better myself. I’d rule out the “with crime elements” though, it makes it to long, you crazy fool.

It’s a kung fu movie with criminal activity shown, like murder and car jacking, but nothing in a Tarantino movie that would be considered major or serious