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[Vol 1] Empire Magazine - "Kill Bill is a masterpiece"

well at the least the guy thinks it was Empire magazine. He said it could have been Total films that he glanced through at a stand, but he says the magazine gave it 5 stars and called it a masterpeice. So if you live in England pick it up

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Its not Empire Mag.

I have next month’s issue and besides having a short interview with QT…

there is no review there unfortunately :frowning:!

Then most likely it was Total Films he was talking about

Thing is…I’ve never bought that mag.

Untill about a month ago I didn’t even know Total mag existed.

I’ve stayed loyal to Empire for years!

Is Total films any good?? Anyone subscribes to it/reades it?

I looked on the total film website and it had a picture of the newest issue:

Can someone in the uk get the magazine and type out or scan the review or interview or whatever it is??

I’ll try to buy it later today…

and see what’s in it and i scan it if there is anything good.

scan it and send it in please

Please do

it’ll bring a smile to a dying boys face

before: :frowning:

after :-/

[quote]I’ll try to buy it later today…

and see what’s in it and i scan it if there is anything good.[/quote]

Cool thanks!

There may well be a Kill Bill review in Total Film also, but there is definitely one in the UK mag Film Review – I picked it up in the newsagents yesterday and had a look (and it was awarded 5 stars).

It gave the running time as 1hr 51m BTW.

I can’t remember all that it said, but it did say that the movie began with the Shaw Brothers logo, then a card which says Your Feature Presentation; that Uma Thurman was excellent in the movie; and that there was blood all over the place(!).

Magazine details here:

Empire and Total Film, also with reviews hopefully, are both out this incoming week.

[quote]It gave the running time as 1hr 51m BTW. [/quote]

Yeh i also heard that it was going to be closer to 2 hours instead of 90mins.

"I had to go through so much of everything that the stunt people did. When I watched it all cut up I was thinking ‘You have to show my face! Every time! I saw me doing that and you didn’t even show my face! I did that back flip on the table and you cut to my feet! How could you cut to my feet? Why did you make me do it 15 times if you’d cut to my feet?’� says Uma. Tarantino’s explanation that he cut to her feet for emphasis didn’t placate his star, whose response was ‘How dare you!’"

Lol, it’s okay Uma, we’ll know it was you now.


It gave the running time as 1hr 51m BTW.

Wow, 111 minutes? Well, it’s not 90 minutes, what a pleasant surprise! :slight_smile:

Hi guys…

As promised I went out and bought Total Film…

after watching a football (soccer) match in the pub…


unfortunatelly there was NO review but rather a preview! >:(

I thought it was pointless to scan it!

there was a small interview with Uma Thurman tho…

nothing big but I thought I’d copy it for you anyway,

sorry i couldnt be of more help.

Here it is:

Is Kill Bill the toughest film experience you’ve ever had?

On a physical level, that’s certainly true. But there’s also a terrific rush you get from training your body to be very limber and taut. I’ve avoided gyms my entire, so getting myself into shape for this film was a huge challenge. I’d also given birth three months before I started preparing, so I had a lot of extra weight to get rid of.

Tarantino says that you came up with the idea for Kill Bill while playing mini-shuffleboard one afternoon…

Yeah. We were talking about the idea of a revenge drama based on all the classic Japanese and Chinese genre films which Quentin is a huge fan of. I was thinking how wild it would be to play an assassin, who would go on this rampage seeking revenge, tracking down her enemies. So we played off that idea and eventually Quentin sat down and wrote nine page outline.

But then nothing happened years…

That’s right. Quentin did Jackie Brown and then he was working on a script for a World War Two project [Inglorious Bastards], and so I basically thought he’d given up on the idea. But once he finally wrote the script, I thought it was the wildest thing he’s ever done. Pulp Fiction is very tame compared to this!

That’s all there was…

Wow that sucks. I would think something that is on the cover would have more than that.

Thanks for typing that up. I had no idea uma came up with the idea. That’s kind of weird :-/

[quote]Wow that sucks.  I would think something that is on the cover would have more than that.[/quote]

Thing is…

That wasn’t the cover…Tom Cruise in his samurai overalls was on the cover that i bought…

They probably had a few different front covers for different parts of Britain.

Advertising/marketing ploy of some kind…

[quote]It gave the running time as 1hr 51m BTW. [/quote]

How, when the total movie length is like 3 hours


How, when the total movie length is like 3 hours[/quote]

Just because they rounded it out to 3 hours when they mentioned it…Doesn’t mean that once they deiced to split it they didn’t want to add some scenes that would have been cut out…You don’t honestly believe they spent that much time in production and only came out with around 3 hours of footage do you? Besides, in the interview with that guy who plays the groom and is involved with the effects, he said everything they liked cut together was over 4 hours long. That’s how it’s usually done then they look and see what they can do to edit it into a better, shorter film. So it is totally possible for it to be nearly 2 hours. After all, they have loads of footage…

if its longer than 90 minutes and its 1h51m ill be very fucken happy. I havnt read the script or anything but i read one of those articles and it sux that QT didnt film his big gunfight scene due to time constraints! I want a reshoot!