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Videos-interviews/clips/downloads topic

Here as I think downloading video off the internet is the coolest thing imaginable.

I’d be cool thing to have all the “legal” links for downloads or streams here.

You need a fast internet connection to enjoy this stuff. (try at school, at work or in Net Café if you have crappy dialup modem at home)

Use Net Transport download manager program (select, copy and paste the links):

I mirror this program here:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ESetup.EXE”></LINK_TEXT>


Vivica Fox on The Tonight Show Comedy Central:


Tarantino interview on DSF german channel:

<LINK_TEXT text=“,190 … 52,00.html”>,1903,VI-2038752,00.html</LINK_TEXT>

(there is a direct link to download the stream which can be downloaded using Net Transport, I’ll post that when I reboot this PC)

The Kill Bill making-of from Bravo TV:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … making-of/”></LINK_TEXT>

TheMovieBox page (bootleg trailers, tv-spots and more new stuff):

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -page.html”></LINK_TEXT>

It does generate more traffic on bandwidth limited servers, so don’t spread the links too much around…

21-minute Tarantino video-interview from The Times UK as previously discussed in here previously:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … kbitps.avi”></LINK_TEXT>

(I re-encoded the original XviD 170mb to DivX 82mb, 21minutes, DivX5.1, 352x264)

Please copy and paste this link into the Net Transport download manager program to download. Or use another Download manager program, like GetRight, Download Accelerator or

I can let a maximum of 100 people download this file then I will shut down the link. You may download it at up to 5mbit/s.

Here is Kill Bill show on Danish TV with Tarantino career video, Behind-the-scenes clips and interview with uma Thurman!

rtsp:// (50mb)

it’s like you have to jump forward 6 minutes 25 seconds for the Kill Bill stuff to start, and it lasts for most of this half houre show. Have fun with the danish voice-overs and stupid danish film critic talking.

People, please help me gather all the video links in this thread!

And if you have some video, or can make some video off one of you VHS tapes or something (talk-shows, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage) whatever, but you don’t know where to host it, then I can host it so send me an email…

Wow this is cool.

Behind-the-camera footage… Tarantino directing the actors for the awesome entering the house of blue leaves shots.



Japaneese press conference:


(copy the links in Net Transport program to download!)

Wow it looks there are some different shots in the japaneese version… I look forward to see it!! (uma jumping more saltos, maybe the black-and-white crazy88 fighting stays in colour… maybe Julie Dreyfuss bleeds even more in house of blue leaves and in the trunk…

Thanks for making this topic Charbax, you’re not that bad a person I just totally disagree with downloading actual movies. These Kill Bill promo things are great though.

wow thanx for the tips!!!

Somebody in here linked to GoGo’s fansite, that’s where there are those two last links:

And on some people who follow stuff in Japan say there has been huge amounts of media attention around Kill Bill for the past 2 weeks…

So probably we can look on those Japaneese websites and find some videos with Tarantino on Japaneese show where he is judge in a talent-show! Or the big Japaneese talk-shows with GoGo…

That would be very funny to check out…

and to check out any kind of exclusive appearance Tarantino and the actors are doing in shows all over… I think like there might be some funny coverage on French TV also… Usually the french are quite good at inviting anyone from the Hollywood movies crew to do promotion on sometimes quite cool talk-shows late saturday nights.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 090#theone”></LINK_TEXT>

premiere video

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … eid=100377”></LINK_TEXT>

Has some new videos I have never seen of Quentin when he was in Asia!!!

Could anyone give me a link to a video or something to the QT interview on Leno, and Conan?

check out, there’s some cool videos and downloads there.

enter either JAPAN or DOWNLOADS… there’s more as well

Ashok that’s cool thanks!!

From that second page Ashok links to, maybe this japaneese remix trailer thing is cool…



and here is the short Tarantino on Leno clip which the moviebox website might not be hosting anymore:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … MMDivX.avi”></LINK_TEXT>

I got problems streaming this premiere video from… anyone know how to download the whole swf or video somehow?

wow! That’s the Lady Snowblood actress there! She is cool!

Stop teasing us and tell us where to download Lady Snowblood already! Didn’t you read my pm?

I also put the 11megabyte German premiere video from

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … et&vid=685”></LINK_TEXT>

on my server and you can download it here:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 03-FTX.avi”></LINK_TEXT>

I have the E! Behind The Scenes Kill Bill stuff plus some “Arena: short cuts” which is like a 4 min thingy on Kill Bill - I have two types, but the 2nd one is sh*t - just ppl talking about their fave movies… PLUS! I have Uma on Letterman. I think it was pre release of Kill Bill.

Any ideas how I get it on the internet like everyone else? I would love to show these to you guys.

Email me for help:

MissMacBeth, all that stuff would simply be awesome to get shown to all the people around this forum!

I am sending you an email now, hopefully we can chat, and hopefully you live someplace on this planet close enough to someone who owns a video-capture card, a tv-tuner card, a newer grafics card, or anything that converts your video onto the computer…

Anyway, let’s chat about it! You can also use ICQ to find me at 11645967 …

also I am in contact with the guy who has Quentin Tarantino on Osbourne show, it should be going on the internet within a few days…

Uh yeah I sent that today! So When do you think it will get from Canada to Denmark?


just wanted to give a shot out for your excellent contributions, you rock ;D

keep it up!

user FedayKinn from France posted:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … eries1.rar”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … eries2.rar”></LINK_TEXT>

Download all 4 US tv spots: