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Very rare tracks

I can’t find these tracks:

  • The grand duel A (mix 2) - Luis Bacalov
  • Armundo - David Allen Young
  • Ay que caray - Marilu Esmeralda Aguiluz
  • A bride revealed - Robert Rodriguez
  • Calling the hateful bitch - Robert Rodriguez
  • About black mamba snakes dialogue theme - Robert Rodriguez
  • The Bride meets BB - Robert Rodriguez

    I’m looking for them everywhere but nothing yet…

    Can you help me?

What do you mean, “looking everywhere”? Are we talking about buying that stuff in stores, or downloading it from the net?

both probably

dont tell me you have a problem with downloading … cause ill have to slap you


I can’t buy them, Yoshitsune…

Rodriguez tracks aren’t included in a cd and the other artists are almost


I’m looking for a web site where I can download these songs.

If someone here own them maybe can give me an advice…

Please not that it is not legal to post links to illegal download sites :frowning:

doesn’t mean that you can’t email each other the stuff, not that I endorse things like that :wink:

I just wanna know if someone found these songs…

That’s all

I’m not asking for an illegal link…

You are talking about buying this stuff…ok, but WHERE?

Where can I find the Rodriguez original score?

And…who the hell is this Marilu Esmeralda Aguiluz…?

Well, if you want to download it, why don´t you try some filesharing progs like SoulSeek or Morpheus instead of looking for websites? When i´m searching for some unreleased stuff that can´t be buyed anywhere, i always do that.

well it’s not on Soulseek, i can … guarantee you that

Ive got them all but Armundo.