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Vernita Green Scene

Hey i was wondering, after the bride has killed Vernita, she gets into the Pussy Wagon, and there is a voice-over. I’m guessing it was Pai Mei’s voice, can anyone confirm this?

I think I know the bit you mean, but Im preety sure that its supposed to be Hattori Hanzo’s voice, and its part of the speach he gave her when he handed her over the sword, is’nt it? ???

I dunno, it just doesn’t sound very Japanese…

it was HANZO and it is the speech he gives her while giving her the sword.

What’s the big deal?

i was just wondering, man.

I thought it was Hanzo but after hearing it the other day it sounded like Pei Mai.

I know it’s similar to what Hanzo said to Beatrix but maybe he sole it fromt Pei Mai :stuck_out_tongue:

you never know :wink:

It is definately Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo you idiot!!! haha,i’m just kidding.It’s a just question.

okay okay no need to shout!!! :’( lol