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Vegetables (1989) - Can we locate it?

Hi all,

Relatively new QT fan and I was looking on IMDb to see what projects and gigs that he got over his earlier years. Saw the 30 minutes of his “first” film ‘My Best Friend’s Birthday’ and could see his writing style has always been there (although more developed as time went on, as it should).

That film got me curious to see his acting roles in the 80s/90s. Stumbled across this…

I guess it’s a film that his (at the time) girlfriend’s sister made? Is there any way we can locate it and eventually have it up on YouTube? Would be soooo cool to see!

Here’s the director’s personal fb: facebook/laura.lovelace.3

Anyone mind doing the dirty work? Would be AMAZING if Ms Lovelace re-released the film!
Thanks for your time.

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