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Vega Bros. to borrow from A Better Tomorrow 2?

Then he called me and said, ‘You know, I’ve figured out a way to do it. It can’t be a prequel because you and John don’t look the same. "It wouldn’t make sense as a sequel because you’re both dead.’ And he gave me an idea that would be really outrageous - that John and I would be the twin brothers of Vic and Vincent.

Source: Guardian, courtesy of Hollywood Elsewhere

When I hear Mike talk about this he seems like a little kid who wants to play with a cool toy and QT is the toy store owner whos shining him on. haha.

If QT ever actually did this, I’d be very dissapointed in his choice.

Oh God, that’s it? That was the genious plan to make the movie work of which QT has hinted us before? Please don’t make that movie, that sounds really stupid.

Oh d#mn, it sounds crappy, cheap and… awful ! If you can hear me QT, don’t ever direct this movie :-X Keep it as a cult and imaginary movie we’d all wait for, but never had the chance to see… Don’t ruin the idea.

two words: no way

"It’s the film Quentin Tarantino fans have spent the best part of a decade waiting for."

Two Words:Fuck You!

Please stop bringing this stupid fucking idea of a movie up. Or I’ll have to pop a cap!¿