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Vampyros Lesbos

it’s on the sundance channel. in german with english subs. i am DVRing it…

anyone seen it?

[quote=“The Seb”]
anyone seen it?

Yup, the first Franco movie I ever saw. Gotta say that it wasn’t a real good introduction though. But at least the soundtrack kicks massive ass.

I love this one. I have it on DVD. I havent watched it in awhile. I can screen it tonight and we can discuss it tomorrow. s

got it DVRed, not sure when I will watch it…

I completely forgot to watch it that night. I’ll put it on tonite for sure though.

This,along with The Devil Came from Akasava and She killed in ecstacy, will be replayed on Halloween night on the channel. I’m tuning in for the other two.

Well, I watched Vampyros again last night and I gotta say I really like it alot. The funny thing is, I’m not usually a big fan of surreal filmmaking. But Vampyros works for me. It has just the right mix of visuals and actual story to keep me interested/entertained.

  1. The cinematography and direction are really beautiful. This film is really pure cinema. The story and dialogue are secondary. Its about visuals and atmosphere. 2) Soledad Miranda is so damn hot in this. Id watch it with no sound just to see her. One of the sexiest european cult film actresses of all time. 3) The score is incredible. Weird psychedelic fuzzed out lounge rock. I especially love The Lion and The Cucumber. That has to be one of the coolest tracks in any cult film ever. Everytime I hear it, I turn it up really loud. Now when I watch that performance scene I also think of that shot of Ordell sitting on the couch. No wonder QT used it in Jackie Brown. @

Not Jess Franco’s best. You’ll like 99 Women.

I think its one of his best.

Funny thing i’ve never seen one of his movies.

I think its one of his best.
[/quote] Hey, look, it’s Pete again! For the 4th time tonight!

anyone ever seen his dracula prisoner of frankenstein

Greta-Wicked Warden has been my most favorite of his works that I’ve seen. But there’s still a LOT more I gotta check out.

Barbed-Wire Dolls has been high on my wish list.

Ilsa, the Wicked Warden and Beyond Good and Evil. Try 'em.