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Unshot scene from "From Dusk...." in Planet Terror?

In the audio commentary of “Dusk…” Tarantino and Rodriguez mention a big action scene in a hotel that they eventually did not shoot (too expensive, too complicated, not essential to the story…). then, both of them go on and on about how great it was and RR says “it was such a great scene though, I will use it in a movie some day”.


I read a couple of days ago an interview with QT where he mentionned that Planet Terror has this great scene that he first wrote for “Dusk…” but that was never shot! Is that the same scene?? and which scene is it??? does anyone knows something about this??

That would be cool. I was thinking the scene was in a mall or somethin’, I don’t why I remember it that way. I guess its been awhile since I listened to it. QT and RR both seemed to think the scene was so kick ass, I hope it does make it in PT.

maybe the scene took place in a mall! i listened to it quite some time ago as well…

i dunno what the hell you guys are talking about haha

Sounds like a good scene, lol.

[quote=“The Seb”]
i dunno what the hell you guys are talking about haha

it is because you are still high in dreamland, seeing Grindhouse before every body, meeting QT and discovering he is a fan of yours :slight_smile:

Yeah Seb, you are one lucky S.O.B

I think I do recall what you are talking about…

…I’d have to listen to the commentary track again. Which isn’t a bad idea!

what mall scene are yous talkin about and i gotta go back and listen to the commentary once again because i havent listened to it in two years to see what yous are talkin about.

maybe they’re talking about el wray running down hallways slicing sickos up, rescuing his loved one and then escaping?

maybe but how could u get that mixed up with a mall lol.