Uma Thurman' Car in Kill Bill 2


what is the car uma thurman driving in kill bill 2 ? It’s blue and you see it when she is driving to Esteban.

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It should be a Karmann Ghia. (Some peoble write Karman, but it´s wrong), color: Bermuda

It´s a german car made in Georgsmarienhuettenstadt. The car was used in Hitchcock`s Vertigo (1958) and Romy Schneider had one too.

Here you can find some pics of it:

Here you can see the colors and version, which are sold:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … /kg662.gif”></LINK_TEXT>

You’re a complet pro CPS ! Good job…

This car is beautiful :-*

Sorry when i disagree but I think (after a long search in google) its a

Porsche 356 - Bj. 1959 colour : blue with softtop roadster

I´m not into cars but I thought that it must be the Karmann Ghia due to the fact that Tarantino wants it to be a Karmann Ghia and said so.

Bill should drive a Porsche and Kiddo a Karmann Ghia:

First draft of Quentin Tarantino:

Last chapter:

[quote]We follow behind Bill as he moves through his house…He

slips on his jacket…Grabs his keys…TWO energetic GERMAN

SHEPHERDS follow him out the front door onto his driveway.

On his way to his silver Porsche, he roughhouse plays with

the dogs, speaking to them in Spanish. When he gets to the

sports-car, the dogs won’t leave him alone, and one jumps on

the Porsche. He yells at it in Spanish;[/quote]


WE HEAR the Roaring of an Engine, and the Silver Porsche



Bill behind the wheel, his little girl asleep in the

passenger seat. He sees something ahead.

A convertible Volkswagen Karman Ghia enters the road heading

in the opposite direction. It’s a long long long way off, but

it will get closer every second.

Bill senses something about this automobile, and throws a

glance at his sleeping child.

His cell phone RINGS, he answers it.[/quote]


The Bride behind the wheel of the convertible, her long

blonde hair whipping in the wind, talks to Bill for the first

time in five years and six months.[/quote] said on his main sitethat it is a Karmann Ghia in KB. Main site:

You are german, right? So here is the german explaination
In jüngerer Zeit stand er unter anderem für "Kill Bill II (2004)" oder "Starsky und Hutch (2004)" vor der Kamera.

Other sources:

[url=]Berliner Zeitung[/url]

If it is not right, it would be great, if you give me some more informations. Thanx in advance

Just remember who excited I was, when I read the First Draft.

I read the complete content of your links and you are right sorry for my doubt. It is a : VW Karmann Ghia

here the important passage :

In jüngerer Zeit stand er unter anderem für “Kill Bill II (2004)” oder “Starsky und Hutch (2004)” vor der Kamera.

translated :

In prior times it (Karmann Ghia) was shown among others for Kill Bill II (2004) and Starksy and Hutch (2004)

The Porsche is a great car too!

I love this old cars, they have character. My fav would be this Karmann Ghia or the Mantaray (it´s the showcar from the Stingray)

QT has a great taste, when it comes to cars.

I want to find out the Original Story of the Beautifully CoachBuilt 1973 Karmann Ghia Cabriolet that Ms Thurman drives in KILL BILL, VOLUME 2 ~ In other words, HOW Quentin Found such a KOOL Koachbuilt Version of a 1973 Karmann Ghia Cabriolet. Thankyou, gF

Also, i have The Kar’ if anyone would like to have it. It now has an almOst $200K DRIVETRAIN/Suspension SetUp and is very expensive. Thankyou, gF

_hi, there doesnt seem to be much comment here so far about the Kar’ in KILL BILL2 itself.
Its a 1973 that SOMEbody has done an Excellent job of transforming both the front and rear ends of most tastefully. I want to find who did that Great work and how Quentin found that Kar’.
I just have it on Craigslist right now, out of convenience:![20170812_131812|690x414](upload://in80aGH1a4D5c5Brw2GkJ7wpnL7.jpg)