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UMA dressed like a samurai?

[quote]I said it once and I’ll say it again:

[size=222]I’d still bang her[/size][/quote]

Maybe you should do it and ask her, if it is a wedding ring... (I recommend to ask her later ;) )

Serious, I think Mata Hari is right. A wedding ring is not with diamonds, that would be ridiclious to give someone a ring with so big diamonds at the wedding.
Maybe she wear this fucking diamond ring to show Ethan, that she changes from his ring to this ring...

i dont care if you’d bang her (she’d have to take that ugly dress off then, anyway)

that dress still looks like if designed by a bride-gown designer on acid after designin japanese kimonos

Am i the only one who thinks she’s looks gorgeous?

[quote]Am i the only one who thinks she’s looks gorgeous?[/quote]

She looks gorgeous from the neck up… ;D

I think she looked lovely. She was a bit unusual, but still she looked very beautiful. 8) I like her style.

Uma was dressed as the samurai bride of Shiva. I could explain why but…


uma could wear a paper bag with RALPHS written in red on it and I would still enjoy her immensley.

Novel idea by the by. Lets run that by her “peeps” and then one of us could run by and throw a pitcher of water on her avant garde shopping bag couture.

[quote]Am i the only one who thinks she’s looks gorgeous?[/quote]


Nope. nope. nope. Read my post above.

Uma had buddhist parents. “Uma” means “flax” in Sanskrit. Flax is an herb with blue flowers. This explains the blue sash.

Uma is a name of the goddess Parvati in Hindu mythology. As Shiva’s bride, Parvati symbolizes the power, “shakti,” embodied in Shiva. In the case of Uma Thurman at the 76th Academy Awards, Oscar (the most powerful god in Hollywood) represents Shiva. Uma Thurman performed the role of “The Bride” in Quentin Tarentino’s movie, Kill Bill. It is customary that actors somehow promote their current movies at awards shows. Naturally, the haute couture dress by Christian LaCroix has a bridal theme as well as that of a samurai. Parvati as Bogashatri is the pose that Parvati takes before going to the inner sanctum of the Hindu temple to be with her lover Shiva. Often the sculpture is paraded around temple grounds before the gods are put to sleep in the inner sanctum. Frequently when posing for photographers, Uma usually stands in a pose that is close to fourth position in ballet.

If she were to then sit down, it would resemble the pose of the statue seen below.

And no, I don’t seriously believe my own bullshit!

;D 8)

Wow, you’ve gotWAY too much time on your hands.

[quote]Wow, you’ve gotWAY too much time on your hands.[/quote]
I study symbology. It took me only a few minutes to figure out.

Wow. That was some pretty deep stuff. I still think it was an ugly ass dress though. Award show fashion is not the place for symbolism, it’s for vanity and shameless flaunting of wealth. 8)