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UK Kill Bill FESTIVAL! =)

For any Kill Bill fans in the UK near London, this is a big event. ;D ;D ;D

I’ve been to a supposed ‘kill bill’ party before and it wasn’t themed very well, the 5 6 7 8s were there, but I didn’t see them. :’( This festival should be much better. It’s at Greenwich park (where the mean time line sits) in SE London…

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Enjoy, and I might see you there!! Pssst, anyone here from the original forums, or the hanzos forums? :o

Damn it’s not the time I’ll stay in London…

WOO! i am soo going! thats all there is to it ! :slight_smile:

I’m going too, I got so over excited I invited everyone I knew, even my mum. hehehe.


Maybe we can take some photos for the poor souls who can’t make it, huh Becky? :slight_smile:

I just checked on the official website:

…and you have to be over 18 to enter, hope thats not a prob. :o

:-[ nooo!! damn it, im not 18 yet!! oh god, thts such a shame , thanks any way :smiley:

hmm, im sure i could possibly find a way to get everything sorted out, and if i can get the chance to go, i dont mind taking pics for everyone, no probs ;D i 'll keep you posted! ;D

Get fake ID! I’d never codone that but heck, its KB! :slight_smile:

I hope you can make it, it sounds like a blast. excited

Do they actually check your ID in places like that? Or do you look really young Becky?

i usually pass of as over 21! lol, so that shouldnt be a prob at all, hmm i should hopefully be able to swindle some “ID!” lol just in csae they are checking!!, then hpfly i can go!!(fingers crossed) :slight_smile: ;D

Woooooohooooo it was fun. :smiley: Did anyone else end up going?

Tell us more! 8)

Tell us more! 8)

Well, there were actors walking around in Crazy88 costumes, Nurses (a nod to Elle Driver) there was a gang of Japanese school girls with metal spikey balls and even the bride with a really bad yellow spandex jumpsuit on. It was funny when these gangs bumped into each other and had little play fights. Check out these pics: (pretty awful I know, sorry)

Crazy 88s walking amongst the picnics

Check out the giant screen

Some nurses with poles, Elle never used a pole! (guess swords weren’t allowed :frowning: )

The most amazing thing was the DJ set: it was video footage and music from kill bill AND all the films (almost all) that influenced it. AMAZING. It was filmed and is coming out on dvd as an extra for the DJ’s album dvd or whatnot, but you had to be there in person. The atmosphere was amazing too. When they screen the movie at the end of the night everyone was cheering and whooping for the Bride. Ahhh…heaven. :smiley:

wow! go you, sounds like an awsome time,but hey i cant complain i did have a holiday instead, :’( though mine was prob not as good :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I can’t imagine another Kill Bill event ever taking place again, and I’m suprised this one even took place the film is only a few years old. Maybe in 10/20/30/40 years time it’ll be seen as a classic and we’ll have another festival. :wink:

dang it!! :stuck_out_tongue: lol