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Two face butch

when u first meet butch and he is talking to marcellous it seems that half of his face is covered by shadow. I think that the shadow is deliberate It symbolises his inner battle with pride and doing the right thing Vs. money and safety. I noticed that when he reaches forward to take the envelope from marcellous he leans to his left ( the light side ). Although this all may be a coincidence. i wanna no wat u think

Could be both.

But probably coincidence.

[quote=“Mr. Blonde’s Accomplice”]
But probably coincidence.

it is not coincidence at all, QT made sure to have the shot like that.

Really? Huh.

Then forget what I said.

I totally agree. The way that shot is set up, it looks really deliberate. It’s Butch’s decision between pride and honor or wealth. Good one, Gimp.

Hey i might be a little late on this 1 but, i agree with the gimp and coffee shop on this 1!!

Just watch the Fact Tracks w/ Pulp Fiction…

This has been talked about for many years. Here is a bit Roger Ebert wrote <LINK_TEXT text=“ … crets.html”></LINK_TEXT>

"There were two visual touches we discussed a lot. One is the golden glow which mysteriously suffuses the screen as Jules and Vincent open fire in the apartment; is it connected somehow with the briefcase? Does it link the devil’s case with the devil’s work? Another is a curious head-on shot of Bruce Willis, who looks straight at the camera while Marcellus Wallace instructs him to fix a fight. The lighting is used to shadow exactly half of Willis’ face; a line runs down his forehead, nose and chin. Or … is it lighting? The line of demarcation between light and shadow is so sharply defined that we wondered if makeup was used to augment the effect. We looked at the scene repeatedly using freeze frames, but were unable to decide."


It probably is, QT always throws in a little extra.

But who says he didn’t just think it was a nice shot and looked cool. Why search for an extra layer where maybe there isn’t.

Because people like to think about good films.

There you got a point :wink: Thinking about it isn’t my problem. It’s just funny that when I read peoples reactions they just all seem to think they’re right for one hundred percent.