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Twin Peaks

I’ve been a fan of David Lynch’s for some time now, not a huge fan but I have worked my way through alot of his films. But something I have yet to explore (my way of saying I’ve only heard of it) is Twin Peaks.

Anyway, the reason for this is I just got in the mail the Season 1 set of the show and the movie, and have spent the last hour (among other things) wracking my brain over which to start with. I know for a fact we have some Twin Peak’s fans on the board and was wondering for some advice. For something as beloved (I read this alot) as this show I’d like the best viewing experience possible.

Oh that’s so much fun Ordell!! My mother is a Twin Peaks fan and so we have the Twin Peaks complete series on DVD in here! I’ve already seen the film but I will start watching the series at the same time as you do, that cool innit?

The series is great. The movie isn’t as great though, then start with the series to get more fun.

It depends what you have. In the first season, there is a pilot that is a close to if not a feature length film. After the show ended, a prequel to show titled Fire Walk with Me came out. If the first season has the pilot (there is a few Twin Peaks sets), start with that and then after you watch all the episodes, watch the prequel. Enjoy. I wrote a post with regards to Inglourious Basterds and David Lynch. I will post it here so you can read. With this new system it is hard to read all the posts that are posted.

[quote=“robertdiggs36”]With this new system it is hard to read all the posts that are posted.[/quote]

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Re: Seen Inglourious Basterds? Post Here (Spoilers Within)

Postby robertdiggs36 » Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:50 pm

I loved the movie so much. Not much more I can say that has not been said. Having said that, I would like to add a few comments. I dig Omar Doom’s character (Omar) in the movie. He reminds of the Italian character in Inglorious Bastards in so far as every time he comes on-screen he is hilarious and steals the show. His character also reminds me of Brad Pitt’s character in True Romance, not that Omar is a long haired stoner hippie in the movie, but when he is in a scene-hilarity ensues.

I also liked the couple of Scarface homages. One, right before Omar (damn am I gay or do I just have a man crush, I am hoping for the latter) and the Bear Jew burst in there blastin’, during a scene in Stolz der Nation, a man falls from a building into a fountain a la Tony Montana. Second, when Omar (fuck, it might not be the latter) makes a grizzly countenance (with blood on his face resembling a scar) while he is turning the cinema into a bullet festival is pure Scarface. "Say hello to my little friend."

Also, this movie evokes similarities to David Lynch films. I love his interpretations of what is real. In Inglourious Basterds every character, with the exception to Aldo Raine, is not what they seem to be (like the owl in Twin Peaks). Maybe that is why Aldo survives, but that is a whole other story. Back to the story at hand, in the chapter titled “Revenge of the Giant Face,” the Jew Hunter tries to re-write the history books by scheming his way out of his war crimes. It is very plausible that this has happened before in what we call “real life.” Is history really “real?” This brought my attention to actual history books and they are usually written from the winner’s perspective. Is that real? Inglorious Basterds had such a David Lynch feel, which is really not a bad thing.

Sticking with the Lynch theme, in the chapter titled “Operation Kino” during the briefing the room has a similar feel to the Hollywood room in Mulholland Drive and in the wacky rooms in red in Twin Peaks. And in Inglourious Basterds, Winston Churchill is the weird guy in the corner of the room.

Just a few thoughts on the great film that is Inglourious Basterds.

I didn’t even think about those resemblances with Lynch’s movies. I’ve seen those though, but it was too long ago. Actually I was young enough to be creeped as fuck with Mullholland Drive. Maybe it would have been obvious if I was more familiar/interested by this director.

I surely caught those Scarface references though. The omar badass face while shooting was so obvious to me, it stroke me immediately.

Very interesting read, rob!

Great show, damn fine coffee.

I still haven’t caught all of the second season. Was hard to find for me when I was on a David Lynch binge a few years back. Still, the show is subtle and addictive, you just find yourself slowly getting immersed in.

Thanks all. I guess I will start with the show. Excited!

Enjoy coffee and cherry pie.