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TV to computer?

I want to hook my TV to my computer and watch a little video my buddy made on it. I have a Tv in/out card in it, but how do I get it into my computer.

Thanks if you can help.

do you have some cables? i forgot what they are called…the red, yellow and white ones. im drawing a blank right now. well anyway i believe you need those

I have those! ;D

Now, where do they go into my computer? :-/

Aren’t those video and audio plugs? They stay in your TV and the other end goes in your computer.

I think

Yeah, I think it goes that way, but, I can’t find the outlet on the back of my computor.

Can’t you buy them where the other end is a USB or something?

I don’t know what a USB is :’(

It’s just like in preschool: match the shape of the end of the plug with the same shape that’s on your computer. :smiley:

USBs are like the oval rectangle shapes.

Ooooh that. ;D

they dont make a USB cable to RCA jacks. you need to find either a S-video to RCA jacks or just find what type of out you have on your video card.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I looked on the back of my computer and, there were three jacks, one said INPUT and the other said OUTPUT, the last one showed a microphone. And the cables I needed, fit perfectly in them, they just couldn’t reach the TV.

Is that correct? If not, I’ll just buy a cheapass S-Video cable like Saulo recommended.

that goes to your sound card, to listen AND watch you need either USB or some other connection to go into your vid card and your sound card… the vid card is the thing the monitor cable is plugged into. if ur computer is new it will have a monitor pic or it will be wat i believe is the colour blue… have fun. (im pretty sure)

i would follow saulo’s recommendations, it will be easier and a big time saver.

yeah. the microphone-output should be hooked to your speakers or hi-fi stereo.

you need to find either the s-video out jack at the back of your computer, or, if you dont have one, you need to find an adapter, that extends the RGB-out (i.e. the jack that connects to your screen/monitor) into a S-Video/RGB/Scart whatever jack that you then can connect to your TV.

but I see from your posts that your skills in the area of computer tec aren’t that enormous. I suggest you call a friend who already did this. invite him over for a beer and let him too the pluggin’

[quote=“Bullt”]I don’t know what a USB is :’([/quote]

So 2004.